Monday, 11 August 2008


Alright then? its been an ok week, ive been busy busy busy, doing extra working, sorting out more extra work and loads of other stuff!

i sat with natalie and made up all my cd's. my DON DILLA 2 mixtape is out now, either from 2funky for £3 or from me for £2. click here to go to my music myspace.

i think ill be doing a set on the 18th of august at the shed with the www dot generation, so come and see me!so yeah, go out and cop that! i seen this guys wicked paint coveed trousers and shoes in town. also, there was this bare-footed, sunglasses sporting, hawaii shirt clad badman checking out all the mature asain sari covered poomtang he could lay eyes on.
i got soaked the other night.
but sammy got me an irn bru to make it ok again.
in other news, i had a maryland for the first time in ages with rose and liam. natalie has moved back into my house too.

i watched a good film too "o brother, where art thou?" there is really good word play through out, and there is one particualr scene where george clooney turns to the middle bloke when having a moan about his wife and says "woman be the most fiendish instrumental of torture ever to be-devil the days of man" dont you think thats good?


its dragons den season, as there is fuck all else on, and this little slice does my head in. theo goes to her "ill pay you £1.50 for you to put a 70% share of my balls in your throat!" just before BANNATIME goes "im out." she has no money and never invests in anything. the only reason she is there is for sexual equality and all that bullshit.

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