Wednesday, 20 August 2008


because im taking my little cousin later, he is staying with us for a week or so. i also went to the football, played a good big match with loadsa people and done a show at the shed.

this is sammy on her way to the football, only one stand was open, but it was good! it was the tuesday night match in the cup against stockport county, we won 1-0.

after spitting at the carnival, i spoke to this bloke and he wants me to do some work with this youth bus thing, its basically a grime open mic and a dj thats draws in about 50 teenagers a session off the streets the watch, so i went down last wednesday to have a look and this was what it was like.

so i got a large mcdonalds, and you get these wicked free glasses, as modelled by sammy.
it was raining a bit this week too, and everyone was going mad, wearing massive jackets.
i turned into rat-faced-boy.
this was the said football match. our team (aaron, george, john burke, myself, ashley barton and beaver) beat the other team (blake, another lad who i cant remember the name of who was friends with john b and george and that, tom evo, dan, brad and kyle) 6-4. it was a good match. daniel really hurt his ankle, went to see the doctor and he isnt allowed to walk for days.

there is nothing in the world like getting in and watching hasslehoff singing, look at his face.
on monday night, i was supporting the www . generation. they were really really good man!
this is me doing 24/7 & illegal from don dilla two, get it from 2funky now!

i was sat in subway yesterday and there was this bell that just says "please ring for assistant". i looked and it just went up into the ceiling, and that was it. no clues. a pressed it and nothing happened.
my cousin Logan is staying with me for a bit, ive just been sitting watching kids cartoons with him, they turn my head to mush.
i cant stand this div man! if you watch hollyoaks at all and this fucking twat is in it, all he does is be proper sly and nasty to everyone. he is like one of those gay guys who thinks because he is gay he wont get punched, so he can say what he likes. i understand that this, annoying as it is is just his character, but there must be an element of truth in there somewhere, because he plays it so believeably. the most annoying thing though is his fucking ridiculous eamond-holmes-esc plastic paddy accent, thats really. his voice feels like getting slapped in the face so hard.

thats the lot for this week, ill get another drawing post up soon. inabitttttttttttt

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