Sunday, 4 January 2009


happy new year you lot. 2009 then! already! i remember millenium like it was yesterday. this is billy, he was having a drink at mine. i might collect a series of photos of billys head real close up. he has got some flicks for me on his phone of our night out, i need to get them.

YOU KNOW I GOT IN HELL AT LAST. anyone who knows this film has been riding high in my drafts for ages in my mobile list of what films i need, but couldnt find it anywhere. they had it in zavvvvORX in a three piece box set. too much money though. got that shit brand new from blockbuster on the cheap, like 4 pounds man. on the whole dvd thing, we have a little clip of the warriors, with the best acting in ever. tone of voice is and billy went down to see jr on new years eve, and drew him this picture of gary newnack and peter dohurtyou dueting. gary newnack has a g unit spinner chain, are you maaaad.we didnt have any money to go out with everyone, so we went to billys dads and had a drink and a chill on fifa instead, it was fun. on the dot, jr lept up and gave billy a real one on one hug. it was momentus.
also, we were listening to that jar rule song called something like "always on time" and jr well made me laugh when he was singing along. he goes "always never there when you call" HA HA HA HA HA HA HAYESZRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRTHEYSEEMEROLLINTHEYHATING

ben is back for a bit and chilling. we went to see him and we watched girls aloud live, it was wicked. he was showing us his new digital camera that he got for jesus' birthday and i got a photo of him taking a photo of me. something to do with the shutter in guessing, this is what i got, pretty nice innit?billy is like "ive got all the scores in my mouth, shotting them off, 20 quid for a rock or shutup" kyle is the muscle on the job.

we left from big nasty daddy buck dollars crib to go to denes. i aint seen denes little brother since he was about 9 months old, and now he is five, it was so mental. we were chilling, having some beers with ant and drawing some pictures. i well like the colours on this packet of prawns at work. when i fantasize about my dream van, these are the colours i think of it as.we have this weird new rack in reception, showing all the euro shopper range, and now that is in the way, i cannot see the door moving when im working reception but filling up the freezers, its fucking stupid. over the course of the working weekend you have no idea how many times people tried to pick up, for example a single can of lemonade for me only to be like "for display only, bitchessssss"next to the shed: D'bess caribbean Cuisine, good fresh healthy food; three things that if food are (is?) its wicked innit?saturday night, i supported the www. generation at the shed, it went good, dene, aaron, john b, bradley, dan and billy were heavy repping down and it was a good drinky drinky vibe (Y)later that night, we met ben again and went to sophbeck. you dont know about john b running the drums on guitar hero! RUN LE3 GUITAR HERO. sunday gunday and we (dan, billy, dene, aaron, tom, ben, myself and bradley (not pictured) all linked up for a wicked nando's. everyone got half a chicken, i got a pitta bitchhhhhhhhhhhh dan had already had a dinner, and still boshed YUH YUH YUH YUH and aaron had never been before but was feelinnnng. we sat and moaned about dickhead customers at work.
after this, we popped next door to go and see "the spirit". wow. what a load of fucking shit. the only good thing was scarlet jonathan and eva mend this getting they're tits out every five minutes, but aside from that, it was fucking embarrasing. which brings me nicely round to
now, why would you agree to do such a shit film? this fucking gay was loaded with really over worked sin city style thing, with the red vector blood and snow and shit, but this guy just knocked it out of the box. he thought this was a fairytale or something. he kept saying these really shite monologues and trying to have bare one liners, everyone was in agreement that he was a fucking wasteman. on the way home, we seen a bus stop poster for the film, and we all spat on a picture of his face, and dan pissed up it. fuck off and dont plague or screen and thin our pockets for a very fucking long time, you cunt.
im going london for a few days tommorow morning, so ill get some nice photographs on my phone. see you later and sign the guestbook yeaaah

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