Friday, 30 January 2009


easy everyone, sorry this is a bit late or whatever, ive been maaad busy you guys. aint it been cold? im still walking to work so my legs are tired, but atleast it aint been that wet ay.last friday i met darryl to start on the cd we are making, it was bare fun, and what we got done was really good! keep an eye on and for more information, doing some more today, so its alllll good in the music hood!seen neyo at zanzibar too, it was actually shit, not that anyone expected it to be any good, he came out and did miss independent, then went to the VIP. he had the most muscley security guard you have ever seen in your life.
how nice ay? toyota town ace, some real shiiiit bitchesssel brothers fantastique @ football on sunday last sunday. fucking loads of lads played it was well good. ryan babbel from liverpool turned up too.
oh no, its ryan hendo, my bad.
the foxes factory is across the road from my work, and they have this massive lorry of sugar poured into there warehouse everyday. one funny thing: although booker is just across the road, literally, they deliever the foxes mints and that from their factory here to london, for distribution, then they reach our head office in wellington (or somewhere) and then get delievered back to us, just across the road.i had the lovely job of putting out all the easter eggs at booker, check that straight, really good faced up shit that i bring to the game. easter eggs already you say? yeah boy your a DICKHEADwatery gravy from the chipshop inside the s.u is so fucking embarrasing, i drown my chips in that shit, and i cant even slightly taste any element of a meat flavour watery juice. its just so fucking thin.
fucking tjs, i remember when that used to be THE SHIT. now, its just fucking shit. we phone it about an hour and a bit before it actually come, it was cold and the portions were shit. we were watching royal rumble 1991, and just being nostalgic about old wrestling and how fucking brill it was. when the bloke finally come, we were asking him for money off, and he werent having it, then when we invited him in to watch the wrestling, he fucking thought about it. fuck off you slow cunt! dan shouted "fenebache are playing" and his ears pricked right up! DEEERKHEEEAD.

obv. hulk hogan won, (why has it stopped doing it now? thats mad. anyway, he won, but shouldnt have because there were only 29 people in it. but yeah manchester united won, and then we started holding up some signs that were so fucking weird and funny. peep out the little american flag in the corner of the bottom one, its wicked.

so last night when we were watching royal rumble 1991, it because clear how shit the wrestlers were back then at actually wrestling. they were all so fucking massive, so they couldnt move about that quickly, like the little athletic ones today. loads of steriods. now, the way to mask this is to be wicked in a different way, for example, the undertaker was just a big scary bastard, or british bulldog who just had a wicked personality. the embodyment of the shit end of both is this fat, blonde, tanned prick. he was in right from the start and the whole time he was in, he just fucking stood around welll out of the action out of breath. he was well annoying. every now and then, he would half heartedly go and put someone up on the top rope, give someone a forearm smash. you boring, fat, ugly, toad head cunt. he was like a plague to the ring.

i done the second half of this post in my photography lesson on the sly, pretty good ay? THATS using my time effectively. sign the guestbook, and see you next week or something. saaaafe

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