Friday, 16 January 2009


wassup pimp, its threats. yeah yeaaah. so we were walking last week past the halls that light up near quay and kyle told me that he sussed it once. its a room, a lads room on one side, and a girlies room on the other. we were like ahhhhhhhh yeaaaah. dont worry if you see a smirf and the car from the film "cars".soarpoint, having a couple then we quickly catch wind of this new night called redeemer at rack and roll thats playing heavy mental (not so good) but EVERY DRINK is £1.50 (SO GOOD). so we chipped down there and had a bezzing night. it was fucking weird being at the home of panic.cause the drinks were so cheap, everyone was two-at-a-timing. blake thought, you know what? fuck your rules and lit up two fags.there was loads of moshers with there tops off showing there tribal peices, big style! bare people were killing it moshing, boy and girls bumping upto each other, like how you start a fight, it was bare weird to watch. we all chilled on the middle floor and listened to wu-tang clan and d12 and that, with playing pool and drinking the place dry of sailor jerrys! chillller.kyle and hof were double teaming the pints all night.L-R hof, dan, me, john, kyle, eric and blake.naturally, after a night of boozing, you need a munch and we went to pinochios (spelling?) chippy near mcindians. two gay blokes were coming out of quebec and had mad gay porn on the go, it was bare funny. ha ha. the blurry one in the foreground was telling me and blake how fit his sisters back in northampton are. it was fucking mental.its wicked that someone has put so much effort in.sunday, i went from work down to john and blakes gaf to watch manchester united beat chelsea 3-0. could have done with a draw, but it was bare good, had a right laugh.carvallio bumming the shit out of ronaldo.soar point later that day with uni crew was popping off. back on the sailor jerrys, doubles infact for the hair of the dog steeeez. you know when a fruit machine and that is on stand-by? and all the lights flash on and off and that? the deal or no deal machine has a little bit where when edmonds picks up and greets the banker a light saying "hi" lights up, it was fucking brillo pad.obviously david boshing the wickedland CANT CHAT TO MAN ABOUT STRIPS MEAL DERKHEAD. jimlad came in, and them two are set for a duel on fifa.from nowhere, a maryland boss came out, and starting pointing at posters, it was cool. for a second, i was pretending he was pointing at me, saying "you. come and work here. as much maryland as you can eat."yeah, are you stupid about juice? tj supermarket in town is going absolutely mental for the fucking stuff. trust me. when money is looking back up, its real talk season. on the third shelf from the top, at the far end they have got these massive round bottles, that only have a label on the little neck, so its fucking bad boy style.i dont get people who would want to drink flowers. they smell shit, and i bet they taste it.subway.just keeping busy at work on thursday. i had a bare long day, and my bike currently has a puncture, so its a bit gay!

after though i went up to see dan with billy, and they smoked whilst i chilled and we all watched a film. look at that. thats not your boys. thats my boys. just making a W out of fitness equipment. dont worry about it.

dan has this wicked toy, that you strap your hand into, and if you tell a lie, you get a quite sharp electric shock. its more like you just get a shock when it feels like it, buts its fucking horrible and thereby fun to see someone else on it.SUPPP DEEEN!? me, valena, milli and darren went to a breakfast in the fenwicks cafe as recommended by ian at the council building. it was ok, pretty good for 2.95, you get your drink free with it, and all the sausages, eggs, bacon, tomatoes, beans and mushrooms you can fit on a mediumish sized plate to eat. only thing is its badly missing carbohidrates, toast was 80p a slice, and there were no hash browns. atmosphere was shite too, but for £2.95, who am i to moan ay?you having that?

WASTEMAN OF THE WEEK - david edwards

no big long rant today, just the most fucking ridiculous quote ever i think, from some ginger fucking arsehole. its not much of a fucking achievement for a film to be "the film of the year" if the year has only been 5 days* is it?

* = i first saw the advert on the 5th, so he is a dickhead. sign the guestbook, see you soon chum.

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