Saturday, 10 January 2009


WOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooi OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOi GUYZOOONE boyzone veteran 1994.
how are you? ive been london, had a pretty chilling week, jsut working a bit and that.

i saw this in london, and i though, firstly, wicked. primary colours and big bold shapes are just winning it, and there was loads of kebabish men eating inside, but then i though ah, is it ke-baby or (my preferance) kebab-y??

i went bowling and ice skating!seen this in the london lite (sort of like the metro, a free commuting paper) a little collection of letters regarding the new dr. wasteman and sydney from kennington (third letter) is a complete dick-in-the-face. "i will not be able to take this boy seriously at all" what, but some other bloke playing some next dr who goes in a fucking flying phone box, and battles all these zombies and monsters and fucking darliks and that is cool is it? and he never swears, even when things are really bad? you can take that shit seriously can you? YOU ARE A FUCKING DICKHEAD. who can just say foetus?london public transport is shite too. everyone there thinks they are so important, and in a rush. GOT TO GET MY TUBE CONNECTION AT VICTORIA. GOT TO RUSH TO GET ON A RED BUS. i say there's your fucking queens salute, your capital arseholes. the film below is a little something i put together showing eveyone rushing.
look closer...NOT SO FUCKING IN A CAR NOW ARE YOU, CLARKY AY? BLUE EYES.back in leicester, i drew on a balloon and sent it round some popped.B&S win again. this was chocolate, in like a foil wrapper. "oh my god, you cannot sell this these days!" B&S will tell you to fist yourself, and get over it by the was like a really detailed transfer that looked like some airbrush thing or something, on some car, just chilling down narbs. its a shame, becasue the actual car was really really nice, but the paint job was weird as fuck and rushed and that.thursday night after a hard days graft i chipped over to john and blakes for some poker. jimlad was playing too, but i cannot just take pictuers of fucking everyone. 5th john, 4th george, 3rd myself, 2nd blake and jimlad won. £25 boys for the top prize. me and george were looking through each others music on our various apple hardware, and actually like alot of the same things, it was good.
im all like "FUCK YOUR NINE - NIL LEAD JIMLAD, TAKE THIS YOU EVERTON BASTARD" BOSH. no free kick, no sending off, real talking.

so your boy was like, yoooooooooo, sam just try the littlest bit of this silly sauce. i cannot explain what a small amount i consumed, it was literally the smallest bit i possibly could. i turned the bottle upside down, dabbed my finger in the dregg left in the lid, and touched my tongue ever so slightly on it. oh my god. wow. within seconds, my mouth was blistening, honestly. and just after i rinsed my grill under the blasting cold tap, and accidently swallowed and sent the initial pain around my mouth so fast, jimlad was pissing himself, the evil cunt. apparently, eric boshed bare of it so that blake and george would buy him a t-shirt in a bet.

i stayed up until about 4.15 talking to jimlad and flicking through the tv channels. isnt digital shit.


This fucking divvvvvv has been on the list for a while, but i had forgot about him. your music is shit, and you are not queen, queen are gone, and stop trying to revive there style. you look like a twat, you are one of the main reasons a cut my hair off, because i was sick of little kids coming upto me and going "yooour mikkaaaaa!". "big girls, you are beautiful!" its gay people like him, who do not have to deal with fat girls who think they are something special that cause the problem int he first place. beth ditto. we have people like beth ditto because fuckers like mika ruin it for everyone else. when a kid is obese, everyone is like "fucking hell, we have got a crisis and shitttttt" now though, its fine for dickheads like beth ditto to fucking push it in our faces, because that cunt mika told her she was beautiful. "curves in all the right places". and the fucking wrong ones. i heard that ridiculous song on the radio earlier, and thought; he has been a bit quiet recently...its either really good, he has just fucked off forever, or really bad; he is due a comeback. i feel it is the 2nd of the two options.


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