Tuesday, 21 April 2009


YOU KNOW THE SUN HAS BEEN DOING ITS THING, JUST JAMMING OUT IN THE SKY LIKE YES MAAAATE. its been such nice nice weather. everything is good in my life except for uni, ive got all my assesments next week, and its just well hard to do work when the sun is so nice, ive been chilling too much!

i took my bike to get fixed, and its well good, been too chilling on it, kroggie, chill out.
after work on thursday, instead of poker a few of us went to pound a pint at polar bear. it was a real good laugh, me and dan were holding up fiver's because you need little over that for a real good night. ha ha.me, john and dan went on to superfly for one, and dan changed his facebook status to some mad shit. "daniel curtis is liverpool are the wickedist duck man u" REAL TALK FROM HIMbreakfast the next day, me and dan had to hit town, then go and see our boy about another flat he had. it was fucking unreal, in some pure crack head block of flats, it was fucked.we seen some fucking deadout wasteman singing bob marley songs in town. look at how white his socks are, pure not homeless. he was eyeing up some girls at the cashpoint and they were proper screwing him, it was well funny.a nice swan.saturday, and i was looking at the pages they try and sell you stuff in the tv guide in the sun. they are brilliantly shite. aside from a faberge egg inspired ornament of a baby in a pram they had these strapless watches with prints of paintings of different dogs on. they were £65's each.we have this new thing at work on sunday where we have to take it in turns to do the pots, even though the weekend lads only dirty a few pots, and the bosses use about a billion coffee cups. i think its a sort of drive to get us thinking maybe we should wash our plates up when we are done, even though we have a cleaner who is paid to do it.

no beef anyway, it is the wickedest job, i was just chilling with my ipod on for the best part of an hour. i even fucking wiped the tables down and mopped the floor, beats being cunted up by customers on the shop floor.
football on sunday, and the weather was still fucking beautiful. jimlad drinks lucozade sport, because it gives top athletes just that little bit more.it was a really good turn out, and after we all spent a bit of time chilling and soaking up a few rays. we kicked balls at max loads, it was well funny.BILLY'S BALLING!!!!!!!! he got his student loan through, so he is living the crazy life up! fags, pub, football, new air max, he is top of the pops at the minute. he treated me, aaron, kim, kyle and jr to a drink on the balcony at the quay, it was fucking wonderful, cheers mate.WHEEEEY! kyle was so chuffed, we kept talking about how happy the sun makes you, its just so good, and puts you in a wicked mood (provided your out in it) and kyle had his subway, and a pint, things are looking pretty good for the lads.SUB OF THE DAYsoarpoint last night, and it was nice. we were all chilling and having a little drink, drawing some funny pictures.marios chippy and billy and kyle were enjoying chips and cheese. fucking marios has gone down hill, shite service, the food is fucking wank and the prices are up.

eating out is just not what it used to be is it? zarconi's are sill pretty consistant with theyre food, but that fucking scowl you get when you go in is a bit of a deal breaker for alot of people.i cut uni open access today because the lads were getting together for another kick about. i thought, you know what, the sun aint out for long, so im not going to miss it, lets have it. and it was brilliant. tom evans passed his driving test today too.

we played a bit of a made up game that was like a really stripped back version of american football, it was dead good.


britians got talent is back on the tv, and so is this blubbering waste of fucking space. didnt get her tits out properly in her prime, and still thinks she can be classed as talented? i know, almost enough to cry about. so we have simon cowell; obviously top boy at picking people who are good at singing and dancing and that, but then our top two "british" ambassidors for talent? peirs morgan and this peice of shit. STOP FUCKING CRYING, ITS LOST ITS EFFECT!

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