Wednesday, 1 April 2009



a little mistake from the last post, i forgot to put this flick in. i went for a maryland with dave from work, his bird laura and my bird valena. it was nice, but the maryland was a bit dry and shit. you get what you pay for right?
two seat covers in this car...the other drivers side one was a women dog with sunglasses on saying "ill drive" and then the bloke in the passenger side is like "i cant watch". i dont really get it. good turn out for football on sunday! we played some good games, tom evans even came later, because now daylight savings is mental we can play later. L-R: jr, john, jamie, ryan, dan, ben, sam, aaron, billy, bonham and george.
look at this little funny lorry.

GOLD! GOLD! ALWAYS BELIEVE IN GOLD BARS!!!! ive been going out of my head boshing these recently. i went upto asda with hof to get some and we had a right laugh.
vinnie (hofs sisters boyfriend) gave us a lift up after we worked out together, and hof was thumbing through a copy of FLEX magazine. this is how he wants to look in 6 weeks.
all the trollies were stacked up nice outside. and we saw my sister in there at like midnight for no reason. kyle has just got here too. now. not at asda.
we got some gold bars, and sat and boshed em. we watched CKY2K it was proper reminding me of bare things. right, time to go, speak to you at the weekend mate. ok, alright...will do. alright, bye. bye.

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