Wednesday, 15 April 2009


FINALLY got my new phone sorted yesterday, so i can get back on this blogger shiiiit. i lost a fair few photos from the week before, but im going to peice together a post from what i have!

zues is always chilling lying on the floor or doing some other dog shit. we are gonna walk alfie in a bit up the park.

we went on the most horrible mission (this seems like so so long ago now) and we went up asda, and got all kyles shopping and went back to his with it, it just took forever. it was the beggining on the nice weather though, and its still going strong. check out these canal guys!
i dont know why they have done this? its usually just fine when it says on screen that its not working, why stick a box over it? funny looking though ay.
im sure ive already put this up, we had bare onion bharji's and spring rolls and samosa's at work on trade day. since then, we had free trials of steak and homemade burgers, so this last week when ive been working full time ive been hammering the freebies. i also took blow by blow photos of my drive-thru shit with keo and kfc with paul at work, but lost it all, fucking phone.
i had a good day yesterday, got my phone, went and got my bike sorted, so i was chilling on that, and then got a couple of tops from town with dan. had a little kick about in the afternoon too.
me and dan fucked the shit out of a royal chicken on the way into town. dan eating chicken is something to be seen and matched by any man. its the worst.
me and aaron had the longest, most wickedman game of cuppies that went on for about 15 minutes (first to two). aaron won in the end!

then it got alot worse. liverpool had the tall task of going to stamford bridge and scoring atleast 3 goals without reply and after they were 2-0 up with only 29 minutes gone, the match was looking well tastey! chelsea came out and levelled things off pretty quickly second half making it 2-2 and pretty much burying it.

it chilled for a bit, then lampard scored and it was all over until lucas and kuyt scored two in abouts as many minutes making it 4-3 to liverpool. it meant it was 6-5 on aggregate and that if liverpool could score one goal in about 10 minutes then they would go through on the away goal rule, it was madness!

that cunt lampard buried us in the 89th. another fruitless season for liverpool football club.
hof came round this morning, and ive been playing san andreas loads, its so wickedman. whatever missioned ryder, big smoke or OG loc set me and i cant do, hof is a bit like my hired muscle and just does them, and then is like "oh, by the way, there is a shotgun on that roof."


this guy is the top top boy at sony erricson. and only right that he should be the wasteman of this week, fucking arsehole. how many people have got sony erricsons that do that standard crash or just run slow or whatever. when did fucking phones become shit? his nickname is dick, and i for one dont think that is just a coincidence. i hate this man for all the things he has done to my life to make it worse, fucking prick. this week, even though i got my phone sorted in the end, and ive got my new one set up, i somehow lost about a dozen photos, even though they were on my memory card. FUCK OFF YOU RICH, HANDHELD TELECOMUNICATIONS DEVICE WASTEMAN

see you soon wickedmen and women.

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