Monday, 27 April 2009


had quiet a nice, chilling week this week. heres the things that have been going on.

i saw this on a car in town, it made me laugh because it was written really small, and the cock was quiet acurately drawn.i never knew zanzibar was an actual place before seeing this, so it made me piss. ha hawe played poker at georges thursday. john won, and i went out first! phhht! before we went to play though, we went to the tesco garage round the corner and this bloke came out with all blood on his head, and has all scratched up and stood a few feet away from the car, and just staired at john who was sat shotgun. this went on for about 2 minutes, until george came out the garage and said that the bloke was argueing with his bird in their. the bloke still staired at john as we drove off. i went for croques with valena on friday. remember how i said that eating out has gone down hill? (or at least grabbing quick food) well we went croques, ordered at the same time, and valena didnt get hers for about 40 minutes. its a fucking toasted sandwhich. even after about 20, when we had been sat down and told the waiter that we were still waiting on one sandwhich, he assured us it would be straight out. this was bollocks. when it finally come i asked him for a free slice of cake for waiting and he just sort of laughed, smug cunt. ah well, worth a go.if you put one sign up, why would you put another, that says exactly the same thing right next to it, but spelt differently?i really need to get a camera phone with a flash on it. when me, aaron and jr met john and blake and that on friday night to walk into town, they were already talking to some bare old boy about he was telling them how some polish bloke done him over for a ten-bag. it was well funny, he was describing one of the polish blokes girlfriends who was "a little ready-to-go slut in some tight white jeans." he bought her a little bar of galaxy. next time you see blake, ask to see it on his phone, he recorded more or less the full story.john just gets bare sailor jerry's and coke at £1.50 before midnight and pours them all into a pint glass. MIXER BASTARD!i cant find flicks anywhere, but when i do, ill put them up. me and daryl played a show on friday for SMASH THIS @ sophbeck, it went really well, was dead good fun! i sweated so much i lost about a stone i reckon.

the next day, i was walking back home through the quay and i saw jimlad, blake, george, dwayne and beaver playing heads and volleys, chilled with them for a bit, absolutely took apart jimlad and blake at W-A-S (short for W-A-S-T-E, similar to skate) and we played a good header game, where you boot it so high up, and try to head it. jimlad won bare.size of that fucker ay?football on sunday yesterday, it was good fun, this was the hiateus between the two matches, your boy john burke scored a stonker of an own goal with a finish the would have done any paid of defender proud, well done mate.GABBBBBBEHWASTEMAN OF THE WEEK - NOEL EDMONDS

i was watching deal or no deal the other day, and i thought think how fucking good it could be, if it was only 15 minutes long? its so fucking stretched out, and long winded, listening to him joke about with the banker, and just make a general twat of himself. why are cunts like this offered a second chance in the limelight of television? we should have just been thrown aside after doing house party and made to get a job at kwiksave or currys. instead, he is back, stretching out things, when he knows full well its all a fix anyway, and doing a couple of other shows on sky one. i think its safe to say he is back on top of his game, and i cant fucking stand the wanker. shown here being a twat on a fruit machine at panic, and well done for the 2 finger salute aaron.
when i get round to it, ive got a few little drawings knocking about, ill post up soon, until then, see you later safe safe safe safe safe

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