Wednesday, 27 January 2010


Dunno to be honest, im thinking of doing a sort of new thing, every little while just doing a little round up of some good stuff that ive been looking at/listening to/watching etc etc.

this is a bear with a long tongue, and this photo was very funny to us in sweden. aaron told me it was also in the papers over here while we were away. he has a cod eye, its funny.
also, i heard about this a little while ago, but remembered it when reading about it in this months FHM. a chinese farmer has made these little plastic cases to grow pairs into, and they come out looking like little baby buddha's. good innit.

been watching this as well. im split these days about boy better know. 50 percent commercial shit, and 50 percent as wicked as some deja vu set from 2005. they are good here there, cool to see jammer on it, and its funny that skepta is sitting down bopping around. all proper hyping and jumping about.


ive figured it, i bet you can more or less put all the wastemen and wastegash into a few categories. one bulging category is famous musicians who simply dont deserve it. these pricks are almost at the top of the pile. i get it, general public dont know about good music, but surely for these guys to get picked up by a record label, they must have got seen somewhere. its either that; some music guy thought they have a marketable image, or they had links high up in the music scene. either way, they need to die, painfully. you heard that fucking awful wolfwhistling song featuring katy perry? thats these twats. look at them, and think they are rich from that bullshit, when you have actual good musicians who dont get a look in. fucking arseholes, i hope they fall in a deep hole.

Frank Stockton.

did you read the other day when i said i had a good lesson in cad and looked through some websites? one cool one was this guy frank stockton, an illustrator from america. some really nice style, the main part of his site is like a blog with sketches and finals for stuff, and then on the left is a list of recently published illustrations.


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