Friday, 29 January 2010


the week in pictures from me then. today is really nice, the weather is good outside and things are going ok.

we played football on sunday, and blake has shaved himself clean. you like it? looks young innit. it was cool, bradley played so you know how it is! there was loads of us, we had enough for 11 a side. dan put in a brilliant long ball and jr finished a volley gloriously.

valena has got this mad thing, and she was just acting like it was normal. its like a little calculator with a slot in the top for her card, its for internet banking. when i was like 'this is fucking mental' she was like 'everyone has these'. it was fucking crazy, i dont even know how it works, bluetooth maybe?

dan is a master chef. fucking gordon ramsey, he can stick his Michelin stars up his arse. worrel fucking thompson can hang himself; dan is doing a full pack of fish fingers with a side of mayo. BOOOM

it doesnt look like much, but the sky was a bit blue. this is brilliant because this means we are about to go into them wicked crisp winter mornings where its really bright and really cold.

i went for breakfast with valena at rialto in town. its really expensive, but really nice. i love full english, makes you feel like the day is going to be good innit? always puts me in a wicked mood.

michael jackson recruitment has a picture of the best barrack obama lookalike ever in the window. im really not sure if its isnt him, looks bare like him innit.

OOPS! LOOKOUT! COMING THROUGH! MOVE IT OR LOOSE IT! this ronnie was carrying a barrier through town, and everyone had to move out of his way, and he just had his nice little personal space.

i had to make a wrap at work on wednesday because the lad who works in good in was off. so i made a bad boy wrap. a wrap is like a massive cardboard box that we put all the card into and then wrap it up in shrink wrap then send it off to a recycling plant.

this was the remains of daves sandwhich. he has egg and bacon triple pack thing, and pulled out all the bacon, and left the crusts, awful innit. nearly a whole sandwhich there, what a waste! if it didnt have egg all over it, i would have boshed that shit real talk!
at uni, they encourage yound creative people to be openly creative. so ill go upto the studio to do some work, and shit like this is everywhere. i dont know what it is, but the dickheads who do my course think things like this are cool, but they really are just an embarrasing insight into these kind of people's sences of humour.
click the images to make them a bit bigger and read some of the things written, its so embarrasing. i dont know why they would think to stick things up, like as if they want to share how funny some of this shit is with everyone.

this one is so fucking awful, just shows the sort of twats that i am surrounded by all day at uni, fucking socially inept gimps.

thursday night, get to work, still semi-buzzed-out about my cool wrap on wednesday morning and found this. it was alot worse in person than it looks here. turns out the good in lad was still not back, and cardboard was everwhere!

i jammed in there for 30 minutes, double deckered my wrap from the other day and basically just cleared everything up. i made another two empty wraps for today, in other words i killed that shit. ill let you know the mess i walk in to on saturday.

in other news at work there is a new tap to fill up the hot water container for tea's and coffee's by the tills. it blasts out water and you fill up a tiny jug and pour it into the massive metal biler thing. the tap is right next to the electricals, as you can see.

thats whats been going on, ill be back in a few days. CHEERS FOR READING.

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