Monday, 11 January 2010


the weather is at that shit and annoying stage where everywhere is just well slippy and it takes you time to get there. also, i just walked all the way down to uni to find out that we dont have lessons today, although its the start of a new term, new semester starts next week. aint that some shit.

also, steven gerrards bird would love to work in poundland. why doesn't she just get a job there then? im sure its not that hard. diiickhead bitch.
the icey roads are causing enough accidents. when these two women were talking to this guy he was smiling and nodding, like he didnt care.

there is a guy who works in the dmu library who takes the phrase casual work wear a little bit too literally. always wearing sports jackets and that.

im in the library now, i hate listening to all the noise. if i put music on, i cannot concentrate, so i have them, off and have to listen to twats everywhere. there is an indian guy sat around the table from me who is on the phone, and is going "your a lawyer, its your problem!" he keeps repeating that.
this was when the snow was nice the other day. walked to work and this was the park. lovely.
oops. when i was waiting for the bus, i saw this. some guy went to pull out, got a beep and then braked but it was too late and slid out into the other guys car. you would be pissed off if you was the other guy wouldnt you?

you see the white van? i remember seeing him pull out before the silver ford and he waved someone across. i looked at him and though, you look like a twat, just the way he did it was well annoying. as soon as the accident happened, he pulled over, and started directing traffic around the two cars, incharge of the situation, we looked well stupid.
went to asda price with dan. everyone knows if you eat on an empty stomach you will fuck yourself up, and buy twice as much, so we had breakfast in the cafe. MONEY MONEY MONEY!
saw a little sandwich just chilling in the shelf.
they were sold out of honkies.
dont know if you can see it, but roddy from wellinger mini market came into work the other night and was wearing a hat that said WICKED on the back of it.
went for a mcdonalds after doing a spot of shopping the other night. this woman with really dry lips (kind of like a down syndrome, you know how they lick them and get sore lips) came and sat right next to me. aside from a family next to me the whole of the bottom floor was empty. after about 10 akward seconds she turned to me and went "got time". no question, just said it. so i told her it was nearly 6 o clock.

that was it for a bit, just stayed sitting there, and then this african cleaning woman came over and gave the two little children who were with the family a penny each to put in the little spinny charity box thing. she turned round and said to the african woman "dont give out all your money, you will have none left."

after i finished i went up to wash my hands and her eyes just followed me up the stairs. as i went to leave i was watching her reflection in the glass and she was just staring at me still.

in other news, we made a formation on fifa where all but one player is upfront. then both teams have it, and play. aaron beat me 1-0 in a normal match, he fucking loved it, was a bit drunk, put the controller down and went "here you are, put this on your fucking blog!"
after jamie come round it was all custom classes, kill to death ratio, akimbo shotguns and that. modern warfare is ruining my life.
nippily apples at work, so its all good though.

valena is back in lesta now, so last night we went for a dinner at that little chinese near iceland. it was proper nice, we had some vegetable rice that was fucking cool.

fucking dollar sign in your name gimmick motherfucking bitch. fuck this shit, you know this bullshit song? apparently number one in america for weeks back to back. think fo what that is supposed to mean. the most popular peice of music that week in all of america. from anywhere in the world, this recording was the best. fuck that man. fuck this bitch, i dont even know how she has got a big song out, the song is shit, she cannot sing, its like a weird rapping talking style, and hse isnt even fit, so its not like she can release anything and get away with it because she is proper fit, she is a fucking dog. this gets me really really mad. fuck off, you annoying vaginal opening. "before i leave, brush my teeth with a bottle of jack" why? thats gonna just be real bad for your teeth, might as well just have a shot. fucking man face, i hope her first born is brutally raped.

im off to sweden for a bit next week, but ill try and get a few drawings ive got on before then, and maybe some other bits. cheers for reading, see you soon.

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