Tuesday, 29 June 2010


i know ive not done one of these in a while, so here it is!

when browsing some house guys on myspace with darryl the other week, he was showing me this guy called kavinsky. his image and gimmck is amazing, like an old cool sort of manga comic, and he really dresses like the cartoon too.

it put me in mind of this peice of chromeo artwork i saw once. very very nice innit?

this apparently is the new dance that is sweeping brazil. make of it what you will, brazilians dont give a fuck about what you think.


why the huge gap? i dont know, i cant remove it with my sub-par html skills, so its staying. sorry.

this is one of my favourite tunes right now, by rusko, the dubstep guy featuring vocals from Amber Coffman. very very nice work.

rusko - hold on .mp3
Found at bee mp3 search engine


i said it. i came out and i said it. fuck him. fuck next hype, the most over played piece of shit ever. i remember back in the day, tempz was one of those guys in the grime scene who didnt give a fuck, and you knew he meant it. his biggest reload used to be from "SWIIIIIIIING" and it was like "catch him round the back of the flats, SWIIIIIIIIIIIIIING... BANG HIM! YOUR ON THE FLOOR, NO MOVEMENT YOUR ON THE FLOOR!" and it was sick. i remember around 2006 seeing him do it at liquid with skepta and he fucked up the whole thing, pure energy. he was coked off his little shiney face. look at the picture below, thats the old tempz, the old tempz that belonged to slew dem crew.

now the new tempz. the new tempz hangs around with jme, who anyone who knows anything knows is bad company in terms of making good grime music. im sure he is a nice guy, and good luck to him. but fuck him when he touches a mic with his played out dont-want-to-talk-about-anything-good-style. fucking new tempz, he has become the new pin up guy for people who dont really like grime, they just heard next hype in sophbeck and thought that was the beggining of tempz, and by shouting "GET OUT THE CAR!" they are on to a winner. thats what you get if you hang around with jme, you become part of jme's fan base, predominately indie listening to students.

fuck off, fuck you, fuck next hype and most of all fuck the new tempz for starting that, you cunt.

the new tempz is out now in the video below.

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