Friday, 11 June 2010


how horrible is it when people say that? this is only a little one, just a few pictures i wanna put up because im going london this sunday and i dont want to have loads to post up when i get back.

it was jamies birthday, and i was making a little breakfast sandwich, so i thought i would make him one. i took step by step pictures as per to put on here, but it started getting really hard at one point, and i missed some stepped, so i just deleted them.

nice ciabatta roll, cajun chicken, bacon bits, dice red pepper, sweetcorn and cheese. shit was really really nice.

ive been working on a new pop album with darryl this week, its going really well, we have got about 5/6 songs down. its such good fun to make too.

he is a sick creep, he was making breakfast and he put butter on toast and then nutella on top of that. i asked him what the fuck? and he just said "butella!" in a really 'trust me, its ok' voice. not cutting it im afraid.

good news in the media, incase you missed it, this is what its on about.

carried car at work in the car park, i bet this cost loads to get done!

billy and kyle came over and we were drawing some pictures. it reminded me of old wickedland times when we used to go upto asda on thursday night and throw dead foxes around.

have you seen this guy before? he wears a really small tracksuit, and pulls the trousers up really high to the side of his knob so his whole package is really visible. he is dead skinny too, but has a massive round belly. cant really see it from this angle. ive seen him loads before, always wearing the same thing.

looking for inspiration for lyrics for a popular musical arrangement.

thats it really, ill try to get a little post on while im in LANDAN. cheers!

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