Friday, 18 June 2010


yooooooooooo, been london this week innit, watching the football and that.

at work i had a first, signed up two customers at once, never done that before. business is booming innit.

on the way to varsity to watch the first england match it was really empty in the streets. this was about 10 minutes before kick off and i didnt see one person from near dmu to the traffic lights near the old underpass.

jr was wearing a little stars and stripes t-shirt trying to spark things off, yank cunt.

that night i went out with dave from work and lewis and shooter. it was a right old laugh, we got really drunk.

saw another clueless-not-really-a-football-fan-but-i-am-for-the-world-cup. genius shit this is innit?

this girl was really drunk dancing, and some eighties song was on. lewis told me he bet he could have scared her off, and started singing the words really loud in her face. it was so so funny and abusive.

one of my hobbies is drawing. another is music. but above all aspects and possible different ways i could spend my time, my favourite is emulating jimlads life.

going down to london in the coach, the clouds were on a hypeeeeeee! pure dark grey ones right next to really nice white ones.

got on the tube and these two woman were both talking at this man at once and he was trying to explain something, and they just weren't listening.

another guy brought his bike on and started preaching about god (watch out for a video of this). its good, but not long enough to warrant the effort of uploading it on its own. ill put it up soon though.

we (as leicester) have birdman, sutton (where valena lives in south london) have 'the wizard'. literally no other name could be more fitting.

we went asda to get some munchies, and came across (loooooool) some boxers on sale with a massive white stain on the crotch. wow.

this was more or less my whole stay in london, valena would just be jamming, watching some bullshit programme on her lappy, and i watched every single world cup match whilst i was there. every single brilliantly shit match.

there was a steroid bee on her window, i took its life. never gonna live again, because of my human will.

i visited that shop that has got a brilliant selection of everything. still keeping up the good work, really full, neat shelves.

i got a burger king, and couldn't believe how much more than a mcdonalds it cost. no wonder it is never gonna overtake it as the number one fast fooder.

adebayor is a pundit for the bbc now. his punditry is shit, i dont care what anyone says. the other day, they shown a clip of marradonna (the Argentine manager) kissing every Argentina player as they came off the pitch. colin murray turned to adebayor and asked him if that was ever something he craved after; a kiss from a manager (pure tongue in cheek, just having a laugh). adebayor completely misread it, and said "ah...well yes, sometimes." HOMO

got this dvd from a bargain bin at the blockbuster near valenas. i dont want to make people start googling and youtubing like crazy, but it was pretty fucking nuts. basically the storyline is about a white middle class american family of tourists who take a wrong turning into south central la. cue a carjacking and with the car, a camcorder on the back seat.
the entire film is in first person from the camcorder, predominantly filmed by chris, a 14 year old gang member, going through drug selling, prostitution, rapes, gbh, drive bys and just all out gang wars. its amazingly shit but brilliant.

this blokes trousers were ridiculous. really really short. his wife caught me getting this picture.

there was a granny at the bus station who spent fucking ages on page 3, she was proper looking at the bewbs.

two buses crashed at marble arch and were delayed for time. loads of people were really being mardy, and i ended up waiting around for about 2 hours. it was shit. when our coach finally come though, he only let people on who had tickets for the 11 o clock, so it was pretty empty.

sam elliott gave me a whooping at dans new game, pure football. its pure shit, incase you aint played it. awful graphics and game play, just really really poor. he was buzzing though. ive got some more pictures so ill try and make it more enjoyable next week sometime. thanks.

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