Tuesday, 8 June 2010


its raining loads now again. sorry i havent been in, i knew it was going to be a long one and i kept putting it off off off, now, no excuses. erm, i bought this chocolate the other day and it was blackberry and pear flavour. fucking brilliant.

jr come round to watch a relatively disappointing ufc 114.

the next day the rain come bad. i went wilkinsons just round the corner in a t-shirt, and while i was in there this started. my leg got fucked at football last week and given that this was only the next day i couldnt even run back, i was limping quickly.

this made me laugh at work, because every time i use a calculator im always struck by how hard it is to press the equals sign.

this is a relay i done on wednesday. pretty pretty pretty good.

me and dan cleaned the flat, it was a proper mess. the kitchen is making me really happy.

hahaha. i saw this and instantly though of a millionaires wank. it cost 79p by the way.

some girl in town was wearing some next sparta sandals. maaaaaadnesssss

it was a bare lovely hot day, as hot as its been and i saw this poor women in a full on burqa. its days like this that shit will remember when she dies and realised there is no such thing as a god or an afterlife.

also saw this well tall bloke. the women was about as tall as me, and this bloke was like a clear 2 and half foot from her. massive.

who is going with me then? no, the picture made me laugh, did he have an album called "all tied up" or something like that? if so then its relevant.

we went to london friday night on a coach trip thing to see darryls band!

jr bought a pricey bottle of moet down, it got hot in the sun so he bought a bottle of orange juice at the services and made a little bucks fizz. deep drink.

the driver stopped of because everyone needed to piss, because everyone was drinking loads, and everyone went to this garage across the road. we were just getting into north london, jr and john just went in this ladies front garden. looooool

the charity box does not have any official charity numbers or insignia, just the words "afghan children" in permanent marker.

jr done that think where he pretended to kow someone in the queue, and got really into it, it was semi-believable.

johns iphone is smashed. another reason they are overrated shit. great internet, shit phone.

sam came across london to jam with everyone.

i dressed darryl how he should go out in stage.

they played, it was well good fun, everyone was jumping around. by now, everyone was really pissed and lairy. good good good fun.

ENGURLUNNNNNND!!!!! got back into lesta at about 4.30am, and i had to be up for work at 6..00am. fucking rankest thing ever.

i had my lunch break with sasi, and in the sun that day there were free 3d glasses, and nearly every page had those blue and red lines around everything. i dont know about this massive buzz to do with 3d. its been around for ages, it was shit back then, and still is now. just because they are making films in 3d, thats not to say they have to start printing fucking papers in 3d.

hahahaha!!!! how can asda just bare-faced rob carlsbergs strap-line? the advert was nothing to do with carlsberg either, just stole it. you would think somewhere along the line, in a meeting an asda suit would raise his hand and point out that "probably the best _____ in the world" has already been used by a company?

jamie is back for summer now, we went out for drinks saturday night, to celebrate his and joe smiths birthdays. there were alot of good people out, we went on to the last brighton beach ever, max said "its a night of remembrance and respect."

i got fucking soaked the next day on the way to work. fucking amazing, the skies opened for about 45 minutes, just long enough for me to get to work. i swear down, as soon as a walked into the warehouse it stopped raining.

a very young booker badboy.

we went to football on sunday, it was great, everyone sort of made a pact on saturday when we were out to turn up, and everyone did, it was good numbers with alot of people who didnt play in ages. aaron was back from scotland too, so that was cool!
later that night, a few of us met up for food. we went to that peri peri place again, its winning at the minute, im growing to love the menu.

went round to darryls yesterday to start a new project we are working on. its a very open, synth heavy, dancey pop album. we have got a couple tracks down already, but its in the very early stages, but look out for some joints.

last night i went to see my little sister rose in her final show for college, she does performing arts. it was actually pretty good. shit i have been dragged along to before and she is genuinely pretty good at her subject and usually ends up carrying the show, but with this it was of a high standard. rose had the first solo, with some long monologue from Chicago and killed it, got some biiiiigman clap.

went for peri peri again with max, bradley and jamie. after a vote, we initiated jamie into the gentlemans club. welcome. if jamie wants to come for a little desert at cafe rouge, thats not a problem.
thanks for reading, told you it was a pretty long one. there is going to be a video on here too at some point today.

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