Friday, 25 June 2010


all this week ive been working like a dog because i badly need to get some money up. ill try to do a little post over the weekend and then one next week, ive just had a lot to sort out.

i saw this after the england - algeria game. i bet they felt like right twats. i dont understand this. wicked, get behind your country and that, but overkill a bit? every fucking window has a flag. it doesnt make you more of a fan does it?

went out for a few drinks after the match, and jr was talking about his date parker. its set in stone now, July 11th 2010. expect coverage.

W is for wasteman. i never get these guys, the one who is in fancy dress, when none of their friends are.

beaver popped out for one.

i always see this little cartoon at work and like the little fat chips with their crap little faces. the cartoon on the tub is changing, so i thought i would get this while i could.

jamie made me a little sandwich when i got back from work last saturday. he got a few sweets and a little can of pop too. pretty niiiice.

this was some kinda thing he brought back from italy. one half was the toy and the other half was a gooey mess, that only kinda could get away with, with like two wafer balls in it. you use the white scooper (stuck down to the orange segment) to spoon out the mix.

a few of us went to a bbq later that night. we didnt stay too long, it was really cold, and the bbq had been left to go out. these are some sausages that we tried to cook for ages. sauswah bunidge.

speaking of sausages, there is a new flavour tesco's pasta pot out. trust me, it was fucking mental. bare sausage, really loads. i was going crazy for it. i swear i could live off these things. WHAT YOU KNOW ABOUT TESCO'S PASTA?

there were (initially) 24 people at football this sunday, so we organised 4 6-a-side teams and had a mini tournament. we won our first game, and when we went to play the winners of the other game, the losers (who played them before us) said they were cheats. they weren't wrong, they ruled out a goal george scored, and that left it at 2-2.
we settled it with a penatly shoot out, and it came down to me in sudden death. initially, the linesman(s) (and might i add friends of the rival team) said my penalty was a goal, and that the keeper parried it into the imaginary net, but then changed there minds. the other team converted there penalty and went on to "win."

another one of those church boards.

pulled a sneaky one in peri peri. me john and brad asked for our drinks before the food was finished, and got them, then when we got served the food (by a different guy) he gave us a can each with our meals. WINNER

this is tim. this is tim on his break. ive really enjoyed working full time this week, the full timers are really good at the minute, and when the weather is nice, it puts me in a really good mood. tim is really really good company.

i wrapped an elastic band around a biro really tightly.

also, on wednesday i had one of the best days ive ever had at bookers. because it was hot, the boss brought round some ice creams for everyone working the shop floor. a little buzz went round as everyone ate them. everyone was really happy for a bit.
also, i had a lovely lunch break. i gave this little cafe round the corner a go. i got a sausage, cheese and bean baguette and it was only £2.30. it was really really nice. whats more, keiran did the leg work, so by the time he brought it back to me, it was perfect to eat, and not too hot.

obviously wednesday was the day england played slovenia. the boss managed to get a signal on the little telly in the training room, and said we could have it on in there. the picture was awful, and tv was tiny, but it was another little win. we werent allowed to outright watch it, but we could stick our heads around the door every 5 minutes or so to see how things were going.

also, he let me played the radio 5 live commentary over the tannoy, nice and loud to the whole warehouse. it sounded wicked, to hear voices raise from different isles as england got a chance.
it was funny, there were fans popping in to do a bit of shopping wearing england shirts. these are the sort of gimmick fans what do my head in. they know they should be wearing england shirts, but dont really care. one customer asked me if it was still 0-0. surely if he was bothered he would have had the commentary on in the car on the way up.
i only took 30 minutes lunch that day, so my boss let me take the other 30 from 4.15 to 4.45 and watch the last 30 minutes of the match, it was a brilliant day.

the rain momentarily came on thursday and smelt beautiful.

we went to tesco for lunch.

the ever optimistic sun.
saw this woman in subway. subway was never gonna save her.

and then loads of random objects pushed in between those two camo painted vehicles near narbs. sofas, metal boxes and some other bits and bobs.
me and keiran got a deal on some mars thickshakes. i dont know if you have ever tried them, but they are fucking unreal. like a liquid desert, and apparently the perfect hangover cure. i only went and poured it into my fucking crunch corner didnt i? fuck off rules.

tim was on lunch with me and keiran today. he had a kebab. most days he gets two bacon and mushroom cobs from the fore-mentioned cafe, but he told us today "keeeeeebab. every friday i treat myself to a keeeeeebab".
thanks for reading. not really seen much funny stuff with week because i havent been outside my place of work much. i worked it out today, and even though ive wasted what is definitely going to be the hottest week of the year at work, ill only be clearing about 110 pounds more than normal. i dont mind paying taxes but when i think about it going towards paying for some lifeless drip to sit at home and watch jeremy kyle because she couldnt fucking keep her nickers on, i want to go and stab a womb.

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