Friday, 18 March 2011


the weather has been top this week, sunny almost every day. its sunny in africa too, but they are starving.

seen this bullshit in the fridge at work. who the fuck does this? cans from our vending machine are 40p...why is someone drinking half of a can and putting the rest in the fridge 'for later'? just splash out 40p for another ice cold, fresh, not flat one. shit pissed me off.

yeah i know. looooooool. i bet this set cheryl off again.

the wicked-land street team spotted this mistake on a box of sambuca. i dont know about you but ive never heard of a fruit called mando. good work, lads.

my sister text me the other evening asking if i knew the black railings down the side of her house...i text back saying yes, why? and she told me there was a bird impaled on one. i went round to have a look and get a picture. fuck knows how this happened, genius innit? reckon he was flying low, fast and just cut it a bit fine? i really dont know. he was all fucked up, and he had no skin left on his head from where maggots had ate it.

football on sunday was a hoot. riverside field is so lumpy these days.

we had a little go at the gate gap on the way out, nobody clocked it that day.

went for a little drive with max, dropping jason off, stopping by mine and going upto goals. the weather was a fucking treat, it was a really really nice afternoon.

seen these pegs together and thought they had nice colours and that.

the weather continued to fuck shit up on monday, so i hung my washing out, rather than drying it on the radiators. everything i wear now smelled of sunshine. refreshing? definitely. womanly? potentially.

the weather was so nice that we went for a walk into town. on the way we stopped off at the polish shop, and i got the lads a little milkshake thing. max had chocolate, i had vanilla and jamie had strawberry. they were really really wicked! we had a little kinder country thing too, kind of soft chocolate with rice krispies in it.

we met bradley, and for ages couldn't work out where we wanted to eat. we decided on the slug and lettuce. i should have just got a burger, but i felt fancy and went for italian style chicken with roasted peppers, grilled potatoes and spinach.
sounded delicious, but what it didn't fucking explain on the menu was that you get a tablespoon of each and that the chicken was pancake thin and burnt to a crisp. when it came to me the chicken breast was in the middle of the plate, covering the other stuff. maaan i was pissed.

jamie's burger. i should have just got a burger.

darryl and callun were sat in exactly the same way, doing exactly the same thing.

remember the nutella i bought from iceland on pancake day? so did i the other day. sat doing uni work and nailed the remaining half of a jar.

valena made fajitas for dinner wednesday night and we did a split screen on her laptop. on the left, a very boring game of football (chelsea vs copenhagen) and on the right; come dine with me. the fajitas were hype hypeee.

so i think i fucked it. after boshing that nutella the other night i couldn't stop thinking about it. cue me jogging round to the co op yesterday to buy another jar. i sat and ate three quarters of the jar off the spoon before putting it down.
valena told me im going to have heart problems soon. recently more or less on the daily I've been getting sharp pains just for a couple of seconds at a time in my heart, but i dont dare tell her because i think she will tell me off and take away my nutella. as i sit now my desk is punctuated by two empty jars, one is wearing the chocolaty spoon as a hat.
thankyou for reading guuuuys, ill post up some stuff tomorrow probably, enjoy your weekend.

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