Tuesday, 22 March 2011


not really, just at my sisters for dinner and she said come over and do wicked-land at mine. so here i am. not at my desk, but on my sisters sofa.

so what really annoys me is how its so hard to get a ripe banana. everywhere you go there are green banana's and nobody i know likes that chewy chalky shit. you ever had one so unripe that you cant even peel it and it just rips? i swear down that shit pisses me off so bad.

fucking stupid star wars student scum. the girl on the bench said to me "they are gonna start fighting soon if you wanna film that" i respectfully declined.

all these guys at royal were sorting out this one order on the phone and from what i could work out it was a prank. the order was massive, apparently for a birthday party, but im talking stupidly big. the first guy (on the right) initially answered the call and flagged it up to the other two. i heard him reading bits of it back, and he was like 5 wrap meals, all large, 6 medium pepperoni pizza's, 6 Hawaiians and so on.

this was relatively early in the night too. by all means, at three in the morning go mental but not at 11. come on maaan

we went to chilli whites.

saw some facebook people there.

some wicked-land mandem rolled through the smoking area. you know how it is. we were there for the skepta after party.

met jammer again. him, p money and dirty danger were there, logan sama came out and did his set, dirty danger was his hype man. it was wicked, we were all thinking skepta, jammer and p; the crowd is gonna be well into it. after logan's set the house lights went up and that was it. we asked the other dj what was going on and he said 'thats an after party mate, thats what happens.' ah well.

this doorman is a grown up abortion. we got to the sophbeck door and he said to us "not tonight lads, you are to casual for the sort of client-el we are looking to let into sophbeck." big laughs, and i asked him why, he just kept saying that we weren't coming in. after drunkenly quizzing him as to exactly what 'too casual' meant another doorman came over and said that we were alright to come in. we jipped him a bit, then i bounced anyway. fuck sophbeck.

jr was in maryland.

i got a very posh wet wipe from maryland too. 'refreshing towel.' i was impressed. my meal was delicious considering i really went off maryland a couple of years ago.

i still cant understand that little ally weird bit they left when they filled in the underpass. nobody ever walks through it, its not a shortcut, its just a perfect location for rape.

whenever you take a picture of a hot air balloon it always looks so much further away than it actually is. i could read the writing on the side of this, no lie. this was a very bright crisp morning.

so you know the new little specky twat who plays ben in eastenders? he has been suspended from his school for bullying some kids. imagine how drippy those kids must be? apparently he is 15 in real life too.

the picture in the bottom right corner of the clipping is the old ben though. it said 'joshua pascoe with tv dad phil.' lol. no its not. thats a completely different person.

prince charles is stealing mans face. royal chicken.

the vending machine has been refilled at work, and i really enjoyed a KA out of it. the taste reminded me of summer 2010. the can is a dead old coca cola one that has sort of been abandoned by coca cola, so we can put whatever we like in it. we fill it with rubicon mango's fanta fruit twists and KA's and because the machine is so old they all still cost 40p. even though KA's are price marked at 45p. WINNING!!

i liked these coat hangers in max's room.

have you ever gone to a party or a nightclub and somebody is wearing the same t-shirt as you? pissed off innit? well imagine going somewhere and every single person in the room is wearing exactly the same outfit as you. i got to valena's house the other night and that was the case. man i was so so angry.

fucked weather yesterday. this was out the front of my house...

and this was out the back. luckily it cleared and ended up being a really nice day.

what makes this guy want to do this? im up for people being into what they are into, but this hobby is a bit much innit? a bit exhibitionist.

seen this cool fake-gold-chain-and-colourful-tropical-jewels-neckwear with an elvis hoodie and t-shirt combo. brilliant.

ive just had dinner at my sisters, chilli con carne with rice and garlic bread, and yesterday she bought me breakfast at twoten. ive got the feeling she is building me up to tell me she has fucked me over in some way. nobody is ever this nice to me for no reason.

i know right!!!! that must be mental good fun for him, just hang around with her two kids, as he is about the same age. and they can sing together (him and rebecca, not him and the kids.). loooooooool

so the other even more expensive co op that was down nearer the bottom end of narbs is finally being turned into something, big johns. a big eatery that serves big portions. ive got a very very good feeling about it. i cant wait.

the weather was so good that even the police were on a bike ride. a bike ride with pepper spray and a baton at the ready.

and just when we arrive at short season i scrape my knee playing football, and now have a massive scabby knee. bad times.

got the chocolate brownie cheesecake slices from tesco earlier. i fucking love these so much. the way the brownie is baked into the middle of the cake is very emotional. please, honestly, if you take anything from my blog ever in your life, let it be these slices. they are £2.08 from any tesco express.

thanks a lot for reading, ill post some drawings or something and slew down a celebrity.

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