Monday, 14 March 2011


Kam's do kebab's with home made shawarma's with meat from spinning sticks, or chunks from skewers.

NAME: Kam's Grill.

LOCATION: the very last property on the left (as you head towards town) of narborough road. on the corner of hinckley road almost.

MENU: the food was cracking. you could tell when we first went to order that the blokes who worked there had a real pride in their product. they had a good selection of variations on kebabs, ranging in meats, seasoning, portion sizes and prices. below is my chicken tikka shawarma, with (obviously) tikka chicken, salad, mayonnaise and chilli sauce. it was really nicely cooked, and all the ingredients tasted of a high quality. very very enjoyable. they didnt have diet coke though, much to the displeasure of max. 10/10.

ATMOSPHERE: we sat upstairs in a dining area, and there was no music playing, and this split the group. personally, i quiet liked the silence. it was very relaxing after a long day. also, we were alone, without even a camera for company. that was nice, just left able to chill without being under an eye or ear. 7/10.

DECOR: up a spiralled staircase we were presented with a white room with green trim with tables and leather dining chairs and a couple of strange homemade wooden structures. max said it reminded him of a chinese all you can eat place; 'ambiance' (in a poncy french accent.) 7/10.

SERVICE: the service was great. like i said, they were really invested in their product, and really took time to talk us through different options and this and that. half way through, a chap came upstairs to double check a couple of technicalities on our orders, rather than just bringing them out wrong. they still made a couple of honest mistakes, but nothing crushing. 8/10.

PRICE: for what was served i was really happy to pay the money i paid. mine was £5.75, and i had a really nice main, chips and a drink. although slightly more than your standard narbs meal, things like chips and drinks remained the same prices, so it is purely the fact that its home cooked food from scratch that its a bit more. 8/10

CONCLUSION: it was really really good and im sure we will all be back. the menu was thick with promise and i was spoilt for choice. everyone had different dishes, and really enjoyed them. they all looked the part too. i feel sorry for business's like this because the food they produce is brilliant, and you couldn't ask for a better price for what it is. but very few people who go for a takeaway meal down narborough road actually care about what they are eating, all they care about is price. people would rather eat shit from maryland for a pound less than going to a good, honest fast food outlet like this.

FINAL MARK: 40/50.

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