Friday, 11 March 2011


happy friday everyone. everyone celebrates fridays, however, friday means i have work tomorrow morning, so its not really that for me.

i really ragged my knee last monday at football. it doesn't look that bad it this photo, but it was all bruised and fucked.

tazmyn once pointed out something about the stairs in hmv to me and its baffed me since. why do they have the escalator going downstairs, yet you have to walk up the stairs to go up? it should be the other way round.

never heard of this before, cant help but think that they are using the paranormal activity look in their image. #ripoff

seen snoop dogg in town too.

me and bradley got fucked over in the queue of that sports shop. we got stuck in some line where the woman at the front was taking tiiiiime, and then when we swapped over, the woman who was serving did one. when she finally returned and served us she had the right arse. snapped at some guy who needed to use the changing room. i asked her if she was having a bad day.

seen some woman wearing a chanel valour tracksuit. i was speechless.

we (me and bradley, not me and your valour clad pram pusher) went for lunch at wetherspoons. they serve wine off the tap. not sure how i feel about that. i suppose its just like wine from a box, which is fine, but just seeing the bar staff pour a glass of wine from a pump tap didn't look right.

i got a massive chicken burger, doubled up, with bacon and cheese. instead of putting in an extra chicken breast, they accidentally put in 2, so i got 3 chicken breasts. get in.

while we waited for our food, me and bradley did this drawing, with earth at the bottom, going up through the sky until you could see the edge of an alien planet. it was sick. the woman who was serving us stuck it up on the board. it pissed all over the drawings created by the little incapable children. me and bradley well and truly fucked it up.

seen this cunt. this really pissed me off. i understand that girls will shamelessly follow fashion, and just do whatever they are told to. wear whatever they are told to wear. also, i understand that times change, and lads will keep up to date with trends and whatever else.

the day i see some student cunt walking around with big-bait-black-plastic-buddy-holly-glasses on WITH NO LENSES, i feel like fucking crying with frustration. how moist. this lad is about my age, he is not a 13 year old girl going to her first ever tinie tempah gig. what a fucking mug. topped off with his little straw novelty hat too, why are his mates not saying something to him? why are they letting him just get away with it? it really REALLY annoyed me.

there are no rules in leicester anymore. apparently, this guy looked at or touched some bloke's knob in the toilets of the mcdonalds in town, so the bloke stole his bag, and then this chap threw him down the stairs. these three women saw it first hand, and we saw the guy who got thrown down the stairs get arrested. very mental for just a thursday afternoon.

in celebrity news cher lloyd has dyed her hair red, and gone from a foot locker catalogue model to a Ukrainian orphan's charity bin bag leftovers wearer.

again, no rules.

i thought this top (although in need of a wash) was one of the better slogan tops ive seen. its funny that its got the numbers on it, presumably a bomb counting down, when thats exactly what we are not supposed to think when we see a muslim. do yourself a favour, mohammed.

this has been my work station for the last few weeks. ill post up some drawings over the weekend.

a few of us popped out for a few mid week drinks for franks brithday. it went mental. we lost control. jaigerbombs for a pound at the font. go on den go on den.

bradley met us after work, got a straight vodka, and sorted his own little mixer out. looking after the pennies.

found this. feel free to call/text him.

we went to superfly later that night. bradley was excited about something.

chilli snowflake chilling in the white hat. niiiiice.

money man. earlier that day we spoke about being drunk and bradley told me that he gets really steaming from sailor jerries. he was on it and veeery drunk.

my planet earth dvd collection came today. i watched the caves episode. that shit looked very scary.
went for a subway with jamie, frank and jimlad too. jamie went to the shop and got us all a sweet to eat. sidewinduuuuuuuuuuur. i found out me and frank have the same subway, except for he has black olilves. same bread, BMT, toasted with cheese, same sauce, pepper, no tomatoes. preeeeeeeeety good.
i come up with something new. you know these days subway do the little side things? one is meatballs in a tomato sauce with cheese on it. we i polished off the meatballs, and then dipped my sandwich into the thick tomatoey cheesy paste. VERY GOOD. i just burped and it tasted of the subway from earlier.
ill be back over the weekend with some drawings, cheers for looking guys!

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