Monday, 7 March 2011


wasssssssssssssaaaaaaaaaap, like the old bud adverts. uni is still really busy, although I'm trying my hardest to fall behind and not do any work.

i LOVE these boards on the church with their little play on word things. /still not a god blog.

hof and kyle came to visit me and during our chatter i went to sit down on my chair, kind of fell into it and ended up sat on the floor. the chair was broke. I'm sat on a different one now. situation is fucked.

four asian boys came into the library all wearing quilted coats. i feel embarrassed when we step out of an evening and me and george are wearing ours together in a group, but four man up? this can be sorted.

michael jackson tobacco tins are what valena is upto. /not a child rapist blog.

at the minute Ive not got a lot of food in the house. i was working out what to do for dinner one night last week and john came through and said that jimlad was driving upto macdonalds in a minute. great news. i love macdonalds. we went up and went mental. jimlad and me shared 20 nuggets.
over the weekend keiran told me that it is cheaper to get 4 nuggets, twice over than to get 6 nuggets. although i have a sneaky suspicion they dont serve 4's anymore. still though, dont say wicked land dont try to sort you out.

at work on saturday some customer dashed bread trays on andy's bike and in doing so pushed it over. looooooooooooooool he was pissed orf!

but his life got better on sunday when after playing football with some of the work lads he tasted his first ever peri peri. great times. he went for a breast burger meal with cheese.

but reward not specified. check how much they go for on ebay first.

i opened my curtains to this today. what an unbelievably sunny day it was. i couldn't wait to get outside. everyone is in an amazing mood when its this sunny too.

everyone was in shorts and t-shirts. really enjoying the rays and lapping them up. not this matrixer. we were walking behind him for a bit and he made sure he stayed in the shade.

it was a pizza hut buffet for lunch thing with max, jamie and franko. jamie had the day off work, frank's really got a bad back, and max was late. it was good, special mention goes to a waiter called josh who gave us particularly good service. he kept bringing us refills over before we finished our drinks. top boy.

aaron, john and darryl celebrated by skating at the quay. it was fun, after my lesson finished i sat and watched and drew some pictures.

i saw loads of newspapers in this green box too all folded really nicely. they were piled up well high!
there isnt really a lot going on at the minute as im spending most of my time in a routine between uni, eating dinner at valena's house, work and sleeping. ill try to photograph some weirdo's for next week. as ever, thankyou for reading and i hope you enjoyed the sun today.

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