Wednesday, 15 June 2011


yooooooooooooooooo!!! again, its been long, i feel like a mega slacking guy. ive just been busy this week with work and then had a load of other stuff to sort out. here are some funny things however.

actually unfunny. i like to think sometimes, with the little comic strips in the papers they are really rushed, and just have to come up with any old shit to fill them.

in case you cannot read the small type, the first panel says "the coach was going to leave me out of the team today" (next one) "he said im too old and unfit" then his friend says "why did he change his mind? did you do a fitness test?" then the big punchline is "i said if he dropped me i would thump him"

thats not funny is it? its not a punchline? i think that's why his friend in the last panel is so pissed off.

the polish guys on narbs see the sun is out, and draw for the Hawaiian shorts and shirts combos all day long.

we went to walk to hof's house party and it pissed it down. we were stranded down the great central for about an hour because it was just chucking it down. we stood under this little bride.

it was fine though, when we got to the party they had party rings. wooooooi hypeting.

and kittens. you know aarons game.

jeigerbombs started to fuck people up bad. there was so much booze. everyone bought some, and it went mental.

elsa came down from sheffield for the night. it was good fun!

more kitten love happened.

i saw a dead rat. (not at hofs house.) nice contrast innit? pure cute kitten, everyone is buzzing, so relaxed, then i fuck up your eyes with a close up of this dead rat.

on sunday me and bradley were gutted that football got called off so we chilled together and went to get a peri peri. rain rain rain rain.

surely it should say 'groups'? or 'crowds'? 'gangs' is a little bit offensive right? young people should smash video box up and then see what the powerless little drippy bloke who works in their is capable of doing.

even in the pouring rain people were still not even wearing socks. mental guy.

saw some gay mosher in peri peri.

it was tracksuit day. i like to think this pair were on the phone in the morning agreeing on what to wear for the day. 'tracksuits?' 'yeah!!! lets do it :D lolzaaaa'

i stood and watched this hench puddle for a while. i have acquired a massive umbrella from somewhere. i found it at the flat, so i took that out. i was waiting for a car to go crashing through it. i love seeing rain hit a puddle like this.

on another note, a handy little tip i just remembered that someone once told me: if you are in town and it starts to rain go into a bar or hotel or something and say you left an umbrella there the other night. usually they will sort you out.

the guy with the big head and the small features from the coach was spooking me again.

this woman had hideous tattoos. like a tribal kind of flame around her lower calf, then a really uneven heavy weight black line up her leg, with a bow just below the back of her knee. fuck that shit, it looked fucking awful. i hate bad tattoos.

booooooo. americandy has opened back up. there it is. i hate this place, such bullshit. seen my fluff reaction video, and then brings it to england to sell it for £12 a jar. everything in there looks really nice, but its so mentally expensive.

army nuts.

this is the same dead rat in the road, after 3 days of sun, rain and being ran over. when i first saw it i wondered if some guy was gonna scoop him and bin it, but that's a no, isn't it?

my mum has got a new car too, here is her cruising in it.

darryls birthday was last night. a load of us went to firebug and chilled, had a few drinks. we sat all singing rnb anthems and 80's ballads.

this guy was asleep. i filmed will wright waking him up by shouting right outside his taxi, but i accidentally deleted it today. it wasn't a good video anyway, it was well dark.

in the out tray in the cigs room at work there is a little sticker i always think looks like a nice little face. loads of character.

seen jimlad in town earlier today. looooooooool.

also i felt really uncomfortable walking past this bloke earlier. he shouldn't be stood like that should he? no man should. unless he is selling sex. just learn over normally otherwise.

thats everything. im working some overtime this week, but ill post something up before the weekend. thank you for reading as ever.

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