Thursday, 23 June 2011


usually, i will write the post and then think of a title in review that sums it up. but this week i know what i have been doing all week. overtime. ive been at booker almost every waking hour since i last posted. ill do my best to guide you through the highlights of things that have been going on, but i can assure you there is not much fun.

hof put a mr Kipling's country slice on to a piece of toast. (im deliberately starting with something shit and boring to try and make everything else seem more fun.)

there was some time off, last friday i left work early to go to the degree show opening night. it was a jolly affair, and all the people from my course were mooching about dressed up all smart along with the general public and friends and family.

this made me laugh. i love forced headlines. the photoshop work was shite too.

drog got married. it looked sick from the pictures in the paper. pure african prince shit. loads of colour.

there was a man with a ridiculous shaped head on the tv the other night too. just round and big. god went for round and big on this guy.

keiran, one of the part time lads has been put in charge of where people work on the weekends. as long as all the work gets done, its up to him. so on sunday he put me, dilraj, tiks and travis on one section. it was wicked.

here are some pictures of jason kickboxing. will, in the background of the picture above has been training 7 years and teaches classes. he brought his pads in at the end of the day.

new shit at mcdonalds. i love new shit at mcdonalds. fuck the tastes of america at mcdonalds though. a boring joke. every single week, it changes to a different state, but is always a cheeseburger with bacon. the easiest to market. i want a fucking texan barbecue chicken thing with some bacon and fucking peppers or some shit. excite me.

we each had to do a turn in the week guarding the degree show so nobody stole the work. also, we had to chat to people who came through. it was fun to be honest. a good couple of hours of chilling and eating crisps.

we were sat doing taste tests on the crisps, trying to tell one flavour from another with out looking. i said it was like when you go to a kids birthday party and they just have one big bowl of crisps and its lucky dip. one of my tutors said "crisp salad." it really tickled me, as if its meant to be classy or something ha ha

we had a look around the other floors final work. fine art was cool. i love seeing big collections of things. like if i see a photo and it wows me, it is often a collection of the same thing. like loads and loads of birds flying overhead or something. that shit blows my mind. i really enjoyed this piece because it had loads of parts.

there were thousands of puzzle pieces all together making up for a few feet of it.

and elastic bands and pencils and stuff like that. it was osome.

you know that awful vampire comic strip that took over the football one in the sun? you know, because the suns demographic of white van men and typical middle aged working class men are more into vampires than football? anyway, they are trying to claw it back with a football storyline in it. hahaha pathetic.

i liked this. i like looking through the paper and taking pictures. that's what i have noticed.

its been chilling working with hof. lunchtimes are good. this is our chilling spot on the grass, round the corner from the chip shop. pretty nice to be honest. i always think when i am sat on the grass eating and chatting that im just happy. that's how i want to live, all the time.

new line at booker, black rat cider. a delicious new 5% edition to the booming cider market.

'right guys, the cider market is bigger than ever. we have our product, but we need a name. im thinking juicy, im thinking refreshing, im thinking fruity, sweet, thirst quenching. talk to me... ideas?'

.....'black rat?'

'brilliant. he's only gone and done it. the name black rat sounds like a drink i want to consume.'

seriously, what the fuck were they thinking? i cant imagine a worst name. im going to grab one from somewhere and do a taste test reaction video.

sometimes i do this with carrier bags and depending on my mood i become santa claus or bin laden. (this is bin laden by the way.)

hof had the shittest little crap pasta pot thing. to be honest, i dont know what he was expecting.

i made a face from toothpicks on the table in the canteen. this week has been testing both physically and mentally. just really wearing.

john has gone to egypt for a little while to work. some of us lot met up last night to go for a meal. we went to las iguanas, some latin american place. i had fajitas and really really enjoyed them.

hof was playing the foody, talking about 'trying something new every time i eat out', went for the 'xinxim' and it looked shit, and he said it was shit. hahahahaha

bored. really struggling by now.

a new line coming soon. im not sure if people might have already seen this and im just late, but still. its on. its 'berry crush' flavour.

you know i mentioned the builders have been doing up the warehouse? like doing the refit and that? well thus far ive been so impressed with how little mess they have made. i came across this today when i went around the back at work. nobody would ever look around there. made me laugh out loud. out of sight, out of mind.

hopefully next week i will be living a life. imagine how shit my blog is gonna be when i get a full time job? hopefully it will be a kushty office job so i can sit browsing the internet looking for the lulz to blog.

thankyou zoe, im very flattered.

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