Thursday, 2 June 2011


so sorry i haven't had a chance to do a post before right now, ive been really busy recently and away from my computer loads. im gonna try and get back on it, a photo post like every 5 days or something, stay on top of it.

andy (far left) worked at booker for a while. he is moving back up north now, to finish of his degree in his hometown of darlington. the day before he went back up, some of the booker lads came out for a meal and a few drinks to see him off. also, this was daves birthday! waaay

someone went into video box the other day, and docked out half of a fag and left it resting on the door frame.

i liked this photo. ive been recording more towards that project with darryl, its starting to come along nicely now.

i was in peri peri and saw a man with a big head but with small features across the road.

whenever i see this poster it really makes me smile. i like old indian men, they are deffo one of my favourite demographics. i remember once jamie asked me if i could be any other kind of guy for a while what would i be? i said an old indian guy, who only ever speaks in his own language, and appears really rude until you learn his mannerisms.

i ripped a small hole in one of my favourite pairs of jeans. it was one of those sliding doors moments. i decided to walk a slightly different way back from peri peri with darryl and when we stopped out side his to chat instead of on the corner, i naturally put my leg up on this little wall and this happened.

T-Evo had his birthday. yes, that would be him with 4 different drinks on at once.

its all changed at work. reception used to be such a chilling job, like having a day off but still in the building. but with the re-fit at work, reception has been moved out on to the shop floor, in broad view of everyone. no longer can i sit there writing lyrics or drawing pictures. now i have to work at work. :(

this guy came in that owns a pub. i saw him wearing this t-shirt that was a promo item from hobgoblin, a beer company. it makes me laugh. because hobgoblin is one of those beers that are very like real ales and all that shit, they take the piss out of people who drink lager.

people who drink beers and ales think it is so cool and by doing so you are proving something or achieving something. its so fucking embarrassing. like they cant just drink what they like to drink, they have to tell everyone that they meet. 'I dont drink that piss weak, city boy lager shit; no, mine is a hobgoblin, or a bishops finger, or a bombardier.' fuck off.

simeon takes his shoes off, puts his feet up and phones india to check how things are going on his lunch break.

last saturday night, my sister had a barbecue party. a few of the lads gathered around to watch the match.

im gonna stick my neck out and put my head on the line by saying he has got his head in the game. he is ahead of the pack, and went head over heels because he had his head in the sand. and he needs and empty plate like he needs a hole in the head.

there was loads of nice salads on shit. it was cool.

this unreal pasta one with sundried tomatoes in. check out me and dan eating some of that off these real pimping silver paper plates. yaga

also, one of my sisters mates mates got really drunk and stayed on dead late when there wasn't many people left. he was steaming, dancing in the middle of everyone who were sat down. kind of like popping and locking or like a routine you might see in a pop video.

after this, he sat down and was freestyle rapping on and off for around an hour. some of the stuff he was saying was priceless. he would sit, go around the circle and say something about everyone there.

then he danced a bit more, and made his way over to steph, one of my sisters friends and said to her 'what you saying, B?'

while ollie, stephs boyfriend was sat a couple of feet away. it was mental, mental funny.

he crashed out inside, with his headphones on pumping dubstep and a red bandana tied around his head. he made it a night to remember, honestly, he was fucked up. he finished a can of carling, then poured southern comfort and coke into it and started drinking that. fuck a glass.

after a while, it got really dark so loads of the barbecue got really burnt when people cooking it couldnt see what was going on. it was a good night.

i went to leeds with bradley and jamie the next day. seen some guy at the train station carrying a load of really heavy bags. he was carrying his life.

there was this massive advert in the train station and it didn't have any logo on it or anything. just a big weird picture. i know a lot of people will be thinking its an andrex advert just because of the puppy, but it wasnt. ive just read up on it, and its a poster campaigning for awareness of safer sex, HIV and AIDS Produced by the Health Education Authority. it didnt work at all did it?

got to leeds, got to the barbecue, got on the booze. bradders had two crabbies on the go.

jamie cooked me a burger.

we saw a pure fake jamie campbell walking by. looks pure like him innit?!

jamie didnt waste any time fucking around. straight for the champagne to celebrate meeting his long lost twin brother.

we were up there to go to some all day event thing at the favesham. it had like tents, and grassy areas with food, booze and music. kind of like a one day festival that played shit music. the queue to get in was a madness.

when we did it was hype up season though. they served kopperberg pear and crabbies so me and bradders were two very happy men.

it was packed.

loads of girls had loads and loads of fake tan on. they fucking love that shit up north dont they?


the guys from saved by the bell were there doing an appearance.

there was a little cuban food place selling these wraps and sandwiches for £5 a pop. they were super nice, but £5 was a stretch. bradley got steak and i got peri peri chicken.


'hey, nice hair, bro.' this guy told mairi that he had been growing his hair for 20 years. i dont know what to make of that.

we went inside and it was heaving. so busy. i got a couple of drinks in, and accidentally rested my fingers under this wooden arch on the bar. all the way along people had stuck loads of chewing gum underneath it.

later, we went back out to buy another one of those sandwiches but they had ran out of meat. all they had left was some cobs, salad and sauce. thats what it came down to.

on the way home we went into an ice cream parlour. they had a wicked display of fruit in the counter.

sarah went mental, and got like 5 scoops, something that wasn't even on the menu. they had crazy good flavours.

i fucked up by getting bubblegum (the blue) but the banofee pie, with fudge pieces in, and the apple and cinnamon on the bottom were fucking unreal.

there was a person getting some shut eye on the coach back with their t-shirt up over their face. that must be horrible right? fuck that.

i saw that guy with the big head and small features again.

this made me laugh. bradley went into foot asylum to pick up some shoes he ordered and they had a display set out of how to dress. basically, pick any white t-shirt with a print on it, and a pair of tan chino's, dont wear socks, and you have done it.

people were sat there having there feet ate by fish again. i dont know how i feel about this. how well does it work?

nobody talks anymore, everyone just reads facebook or texts each other. i dont have mobile internet, so i have to take pictures to put here instead.

loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool. i love how much effort they must have gone through to do this. planned out fully. wicked.

went for lunch with hof yesterday at the chip shop. ive started working wednesdays again now uni is out, so its cool. ill get to spend some more time with him.

this photo of paula radcliffe made me feel weird. look at how mentally 12-year-old-boy-esque her hips are. lohan shit. also, it reminded me of when she took a piss at the roadside.

the top rated comment was 'If you do that in the street on a Saturday night, you would get a £60 pound fixed penalty notice. Fine her.' hahahahaha

i went to see the hangover 2 with dan and katie last night. very disappointing. apart from maybe two laughs i really didnt enjoy it. it was like a very watered down version of the first one.

this advert came on before the movie started. it listed a load of statistics that are really shocking eluding to the question 'are woman equal to men?' although a load of the facts are really bad, a lot of the language and the way some of the statistics are presenting and worded is very clever.

after it finished i turned to dan and 'there are plenty of opportunties that women have that men dont', thinking of things like usually winning custody battles and stuff like that. dan agreed, nodded and replied in a tone of voice as if to signify the start of a list 'strippers...'

i was in bits. thankyou for reading, ill post up in a couple days. holla!!!

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