Thursday, 9 June 2011


so another week, another wicked-land episode. here are some things I've seen this week.

there is a new chip shop open on narborough road where fashion foods was. im beginning to think that this property is haunted. the amount of fast food places i have seen pass through it is stupid. zarcone's is just up the road, and for anyone who doesn't know, it is super well established. so good luck, 221 fish and chips.

saturday evening after work i went down to the riverside festival. the weather was wicked. by the rivers headlined the main stage. it was a madness, there were so so so many people there.

everyone was feeling them.

billy was back for the weekend from the army too. naturally, enjoying the sketts. loooooool

also, he is a top stealth boy now. he put this ring pull on this blokes shoulder while we watched the band. it stayed there for a good few songs.

ryan at work put this stupid new bread in the canteen at the weekend. its called something like 'doorstop' from hovis i think. its mental. surely nobody can like bread that thick? like i like thick bread, but this is mental.

max was back for the weekend too. aside from playing football for a bit, he was literally glued to his iphone for the whole weekend.

there was a mars milkshake bottle with a sports cap too. that's a bit rank innit? I'm sure I'm not wrong about that.

the weather has been fucked too recently. valena was up for a bit, and we to visit my nan. she got an ice cream as it was nice and sunny, and then looked a right prat eating it in the rain!! loooooooooooooool #youflippinnarna

later that day when the sun was out we took my mum and dad's dog on the park. he has a well well heavy head and runs in a pure funny way because of it.

i joined the gym too. now im not at uni, ive got a lot of time to actually do things that i enjoy and care about doing. i want to get fit again. i will never feel comfortable with how brazen some blokes are about being naked in the changing rooms though. there is no shame in just wearing a towel. anyway, besides the point. this guy had these little plastic bags shoes that i liked. whats the point? are verruca's that much of an epidemic?

risky shit innit, taking pictures in changing rooms.

i found this little gorilla toy in valena's back garden today. (that's not a euphemism.) i put it on her washing line and was imagining if in some film a big silver-back gorilla was using a zip line. now that would be a good film.

they are making another embarrassing eye-sore building for DMU. you cant see it too well here, but there is a massive like sticky-back plastic tree cutout on the windows. it looks so shit, how do they not see that.

i aint seen him in aaaaaaages!!!!!! maybe like more than a year. i think he saw me buzzing out over him and his right hand is like a gesture towards me. he is so fucked.

i was on my way into town to go to the pizza hut buffet with valena. it was bullshit. loads and loads of people were waiting around for fucking ages, and there was no pizza except for two slices of the thin pan vegetable one for so long. the lady finally come down and brought two vegetarian pizzas. FUCK THAT FUCKING BULLSHIT!!!

why not just bring down the pepperoni and BBQ chicken? what people actually want? the whole time i was there i didn't see a BBQ chicken. shit pissed me off. seriously, fuck vegetarians, with there fucking embarrassing pizzas with spinach as a topping. also, i had to wait ages to get a refill on my glass of water. and we were seated right in front of where people came in, constantly being watched as people lined up to be seated. worst. buffet. experience. EVER.


god these two piss me off so much. he is like the poster boy for anyone who never really stopped being a goth, arguably the worst demographic, closely rivalled by hippies and fat people. he is so annoying, generating the same thing over and over again, appealing to the same loyal fans who stick by him through whatever. as for her, she is just a little mug puppet, so typecast its unbelievable.

me: 'hey helen? why dont you try doing something different?'

HBC: 'no, im fine thankyou. ill stick to doing the same shit in every film, and only try to appeal to the people who already like me because they are lonely. constant mediocrity'

me: 'ok, lol, how is johnny deep? the male little goth, mug puppet?'

HBC 'he is ok, im in a film with him later this week. right now he is off being a top bloke doing some charity work, which by the way, he does loads of.'

me: 'good on him, he really is a top bloke.'

i just wish both of them would fuck off. seriously, fucking grow up. imagine if stupid little goth tramps didn't have the material these guys produced to live off. the world would be a better place, no question. can you imagine their household? prancing around doing pretentious arty bollocks to try and out do each other. they have both just been initiated into the wasteman/woman of the week half of shame, class of 2011.

anyway, thanks for reading. I'm going to browse the internet and find something cool to put up. hope you enjoyed browsing through!

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