Wednesday, 29 June 2011


i just watched the apprentice, i swear that shit pisses me off so much. what is it about those fucking idiots on that programme? the tasks are so simple.

ANYWAY!!! on with the pictures from last week.

these blokes were in a stand off at the cash point. i was watching them for a little while and every now and then one of them would take a step forward, wait a minute then walk back. i think they all arrived at exactly the same time and didn't know what order the queue was in.

fuck this podgy faced devastated prick. some shit in the tabloids about a gay sex attack. i hope he goes to court, does his best to put on his sorry little face (pictured above) and the judge just hates the irish accent and westlife and throws the fucking book at him. go through to the next round of gay sexual assault louis, prison.

this guy in the paper was covered in bees... loooooooooool, im into that.

so i like good, simple inventions. also, i hate carrying umbrellas. donnay had this wicked umbrella with a thin clip on strap so you can just wear it on your back. shower eski. he thought it was a bit 'feminine'

went to barbecue base with jamie. although im kind of craving a peri peri now, I've eaten at barbecue base more recently.

every time i go in there the guy who works there is always trying to give me this homemade chilli sauce. everyone bums it off, but i dont like it. i think its just watery herby shite that i dont want anywhere near my meal.

another person not wearing his shoes properly.

there was this miami vice guy in this bar on saturday night. he was wearing a full white suit with flip flops and had a pure tan. looooool.

waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay. boooooozin. boooooozin. we went to rockafellas for a bit, a bar near mosh. we sat outside watching people as they walked by and chilled. it was cool, they played good music too.

sunday was a scorcher. a load of us went riv-a-side for a 4-a-side.

jimlad and frank had a really heavy all-nighter and both played on no sleep.

bradders had loads of massive inappropriate key rings on his keys. stuff like large plastic cocktail glasses with liquid inside. it was a huge bunch and weighed quiet a bit. apparently, he takes some off at the weekend and puts them back on in the week. effort innit?

a few of us went nandos after football and something well funny happened.

bradley tried to exploit a little loophole in nandos system. he got a glass for water (free) and filled it up with coke (not so free.)

a few minutes later we were seated and the guy who served brad (pictured) walked by. bradley drowned his drink to try and hide the evidence, but it was too late, and the guy came back by and offered to take away his empty glass. he turned around as he walked off and asked 'how was the coke?' and shook his head.

it was so funny and embarrassing. after that, he fucked up bradleys food order too, almost certainly on purpose. but i cant be sure, but i think he meant it. but i couldn't tell. but i think he did it deliberately. (not 100% certain)

like a G6, like a G6.

i got stuck in the lift at uni!!!! not for long, but i was by myself, so i was a bit scared. i heard that the best thing to do if the lift starts to plummet is to lie down flat to spread out the shock around your whole body. i think i would rather take my chances holding myself off the ground using the handrail. i got saved by this really safe bloke.

HAHAHAHA! seriously, fuck vegetarians. what the fuck is this bullshit? i read on the back of the bag the main ingredient with around 97% was freeze dried soya proteins. what the fuck? HAVE YOU TASTED CHICKEN?? the animals are gonna die anyway. in horrible, horrible ways. and it will be so delicious, seriously, you dont know what you are missing.

i thought this was disgusting and it upset me a bit. it was on sale in asda. how could someone turn what happened with baby p into a profit? anybody who is interested can simply read up on the internet, there is no reason for this book to be in production other than to exploit what happened to that baby for money.

this was something else though, seriously, what the fuck!!!? written by her mum!!!! talk about turning what happened into a money spinner innit!!! a fucking book. how clique, just to cash in on something bad that has happened. its a perfect business model. i heard they were making a film too. fucking unreal, to turn their neglect and ridiculously ascent minded parenting into profit to try and hide the facts of what really happened is fucking horrific, i really couldnt believe it. its simple. we all know there are child snatchers and whatever else in the world, THAT WHY YOU DONT LEAVE THE KIDS IN THE APARTMENT IN A FOREIGN COUNTRY WHILE YOU ARE OUT WINING AND DINING.

this thing made me laugh. i couldn't get a good photo, but it was one of those things that hang from the windscreen mirror. it read 'beer, now cheaper than fuel!' i didn't really get it. as if to condone drinking behind the wheel or something, ahahaha. also, it doesn't really make sense does it? like if it was around the neck of a bottle of beer, then it makes sense, because you are following the message you are broadcasting. but to hang it on your car, that you put fuel in and use is just odd i reckon.

thats all. i wrote this whole post out once, and it deleted its self for some reason. so i had to re do it. thank you for reading and ill post something up before the weekend. hollaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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