Thursday, 15 December 2011


ayo, another boring dull week in your life, but at least you have the beacon of light that is your weekly wicked-land round up of cool shit.

Pete got everyone in the office an advert calendar. he told me that i look like the milkybar kid, so he got me a milkybar one. The other day i was furious to realise that the chap pulling the sleigh was not rudolph. actually, that's the milkybar kids little mate isn't it? and the milkybar kid is not santa is he?

ok, ignore that i ever brought it up.

I wanted to buy toothpaste from asda the other day. ridiculous choices.

i saw this and thought I'm fucking having that. very nice indeed. i love wraps so so much.

I was happy with this, too. the triple decker. I kept it sat like that and ate it in that order. have you had the festive chicken burger from mcdonalds? its really nice, its got like a salsa and a sour cream, and two nice tortilla chips inside, soggy from the sauce. very, very impressive.

the work staff christmas doo was saturday night. christmas fancy dress. I went as jesus.

we went on a coach journey to cambridge to go to my bosses friends club. it was such a lovely club. playing some remix of take care by drake and rihanna as we got in, i was like HELLO!

sam and jamie were representing heavily with the ant and dec masks.

I started to get so battered. we were proper mixing drinks. for some reason i agreed to get a fishbowl with pete. it was mainly gin and cola, with sambuca, lime and tequila. this completely wrote me off.

i look at this and get a horrible tight feeling across my chest.

this is the last image i had from inside the club. shortly after this i was sick in the VIP area, went off the toilet to spew some more, got found sat on the floor of a cubicle by a doormen and got escorted outside, where i sat in the white jesus robe, freezing for 2 hours until the coach turned back up. why couldn't jesus have worn a coat?

incase you were wondering, the guy in the santa outfit is my boss.

natalie made a few of us dinner the following night. it was delicious, but the mince pies she did for dessert won. i fucking love mince pies. i remember when i was little they were one of my favourite things about christmas. these were ridiculous. i have one on monday and one on tuesday too.

lord of the mics 3 came out. for those who don't know 'lord of the mics' is a grime dvd series that involves battles, or clashes as they are refereed to in the grime scene. big profiles have been created from the last two. (LOTM 1 featured wiley vs kano, LOTM 2 featured skepta vs devilman.)

lord of the mics 2 was released in 2006, so it has been very exciting since jammer announced the release of number 3. the DVD did not disappoint with some real cool moments in it. one clash all gets a big much for marger, a younger mc who punches lay z in the face. you can watch that here!

hahahaha!!!! this well made me laugh. get him out from behind the wheel! now! that's no place for a 100% psycho!


i hope this is a little harder this week, people have been pissing it so far. if you know where this is write where it is on the wicked-land Facebook page wall HERE. the person to write the correct location first, wins!

thanks for reading then everyone! ill post something up before the week is out. cheeeeers

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