Thursday, 1 December 2011


This morning i realised it's thursday. that's amazing. its friday tomorrow. This week has flew by and I've got some really good shit done that i have been wanting to do for ages. Here is what has been happening.

i saw this vehicle and thought if real life was grand theft auto, i would be so so buzzing to come across this. i would take it and keep it in a garage somewhere.

i got these biscuits from the international supermarket on narbs. they were both rather average.

in town. i would love to know how this happened.

the occupy leicester goons are still out in their numbers. the clock tower freaks when gravitated towards them. sub human tramps. they should all just sit in the garden at the cathedral. let them have that. out of sight.

from that new sweet shop in town i got this. a peanut butter twix. i thought life was complete.

it didn't blow my mind, it was a bit normal to be honest. delicious, but the peanut butter was chalky and dry, dryer than in reeces cups.

me, jamie and bradley travelled to london on saturday. the coach journey was horrible. proper hot and the driver didn't have the fucking air con on. we tried to pull across the curtain to provide some sort of cover from the beaming sun but it was as useless as it possibly could be.

we got to london eventually. this bloke on the tube had blue carrier bags on his feet, inside his shoes. i have no idea why. they were rolled down like ankle socks.

oh my god. so we wanted to watch the football and get something to eat. if you loosely follow my blog or if you are one of my best mates in sure you understand that myself and my friends are bastards for a bit of piri piri chicken.

i thought we had finally reached mecca. this could not be real could it? how can you combine the two most perfect locations?

we found out it had shut recently due to having gambling machines on the premises with out having a gambling license. bad times.

we settled for a delightful pub lunch and then went on to the x-factor live recording. bradley scored some tickets so himself, myself, jamie and max went to the studios. the queue was peak outside.

inside the studio there was no chance of getting a photo or whatever, we had a steward at the end of our isle! it was pretty cool fun, we were shouting and booing and that, it was a right laugh.

outside before we went in we got approached by this little lady. she asked who we were waiting for and a load of other odd questions. she was amazing. she was like 'I'm surprised you have not heard of me. I'm the phantom hugger, i just love to cuddle. look me up.' so we did.

turns out she is some mad head stalker, and hugs celebrities. she went on to list how many fire exits the recording studios has, told us a list of celebrities who she had hugged, told us she would be there until 3am that night waiting for someone to come out and then told us that she would be there tomorrow night (the monday) just incase. she was one of the most phenomenal humans i had ever met.

as if that wasn't enough she told us she was going to simon cowell's house later that week because there was 'no point waiting around the studio for him' when she could 'cut out the middle man' and go straight to where he lives.

Here is some of her work.

back in leicester and away from stalkers i enjoyed some phenomenal fajitas at the slug and lettuce with bradley. the best i ever had there.

the next day mcdonalds was hyping! some hench queue.

they have a sick new style of hand dryer there too. i was well into this.

my mums mixtape is gonna be on road in the new year. look out for it. trust me, some fucked tunes on there re-defining music. DONT WATCH IT

i wanna start a new section. like a new weekly thing. where is this? that is it, that is all. i just want you to work out where this is. not what it is a photo of, but where am i? can you work it out? if you get it, post your answer on the wicked-land Facebook wall. i fucking love shit like this.

all photos will just be around leicester city centre.


so big johns are comping maryland with the smart-car-delivery-for-the-winter technique. all i can think is they will ALWAYS fuck up your order when you go in, imagine how fucked it will be when they deliver it? wow.

in other food outlet news Canas y Tapas, that shit spanish tapas place in the highcross has relocated to london. brilliant haha!!! I'm preeeetty sure it is a franchise anyway, so why not just open another branch? that would be too easy. the real question is what they will put there instead now. god I'm excited. (praying for another nandos.)

well i hope you enjoyed reading, I'm going to post up some drawings tomorrow. my scanner at home is a printer scanner, and when you switch it on it loads the printer first before you can use it. well something has gone wrong with the printer and now it won't let me use the scanner. does that seem logical to you? or should you still be able to use the scanner that works perfectly fine? i want to smash it into a million little bit whilst screaming 'I AM A HUMAN, I AM IN CHARGE OF YOU. DO WHAT I FUCKING SAY' but instead i keep shaking it, opening it up and fiddling around praying it works.

what I'm trying to say is that the drawings might be photographed instead of scanned.


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