Wednesday, 28 December 2011


Hello all! merry yuletide, as you may have seen yesterday on the wicked-land Facebook i already wrote out this whole post and then lost it all. i was not best pleased as it was rather meaty. anyway. more important matters press on.

so this guy was eating maryland in mcdonalds. that is serious poverty isn't it? there cannot be a man alive who would favour a maryland over a mcdonalds. given the choice he would opt for the mcdonalds every time. how povvo can you get?

i had an umbrella in town. i never have an umbrella. i felt so fucking smug, looking at everyone else getting absolutely soaked while everything about my waist was dry.

this was making me laugh so so bad the other night. watch the little lad dancing on the left. his face is so so funny. (also, the girl throws up a little 'W')

max obtained a load of nandos loyalty cards with 9 stamps on. well done max. i was thinking about people who say they don't like nandos earlier. or say that it is over rated. i think if they had a choice and all food was free they would eat nandos all the time. it is simply delicious.

we all went out for some drinks on christmas eve eve. the whole of britain seemed to be on braunstone gate. these blokes were getting too excited, i felt like someone needed to remind them that this window in o tree was not the back of a coach in year 5 coming back from swimming.

jamie asked this woman to take a photo of us all sat around the table. first go she cut everyones heads off. the second one she didn't get everyone in. the third time it was all blurry. in the end jamie took the picture and it kind of defeated the point.

it frustrates me so so much how people in this day and age cannot use camera phones. it's really not hard, its just kind of common sense. hold it fucking still, make sure you have got the whole of what the people handing you the camera want in the photo actually in the photo, and click.

we all headed into town to go mental and be pissed up brits. wheeeeey

met some more mandem in firebug.

that night kamakaze dropped a video for a tune featuring skitza off his upcoming mixtape called 'Iwazaru Avenue'. kamakaze is setting pace in leicester.

the next day i saw a bloke with an owl on his shoulder on narborough road. he opened his car and got in all with the owl still on his shoulder. i respect that.

i went for a fry up with jamie. we saw the guy from the inbetweeners in the cafe. we didn't bother him for a photo while he was eating his breakfast. naah. instead we took sneaky pictures of him and posted them on the internet.

i cooked our annual christmas dinner at my house. everyone had loads of food and booze and it was right good fun.

i spent christmas day at my mum and dads. didn't get a great deal of photos because i don't think that is fun for you lot is it? just photos of me with my family. my mum did shower down on the christmas dinner though, it was proper nice.

the bobble hat wander brigade were out in force the following day. this shit pisses me off so so much. the same day i saw a guy who had pin rolled his best topman red chinos, but instead of actually pin rolling them he had tied two hair bobbles together and used those to hold them up.

fucking pathetic bullshit. and i wish lads would just start wearing socks again, i don't think a single thing in fashion in the last 10 years has pissed me off as much as those moist body warmer, vest, pin rolled chinos and floppy bobble hats wankers do.

this was not very nice at all. i got it because it was new, but i forgot that irn bru stopped being nice about 5 years ago when they changed up the recipe. the taste starts off like irn bru and then ends up being ginger beer. a really disgusting drink.


can you tell me? everyone was going on about how easy it has been so i made last weeks one a little harder. jamie was the only person who contacted me with the right answer! so where is this?

remember, if you know the answer, get in touch on the wicked-land Facebook and if you get it right first you are the winner.

thanks for reading, ill post something up tomorrow. cheers!

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