Thursday, 22 December 2011


Ooooooooh, it's so nearly christmas. spare a thought for mary over the festive season, she had to endure child birth without having any of the fun of conceiving. I'm pretty sure she couldn't have had an epidural either.

This guy is the best mc in the uk. i like putting some grime or pure gangster hip hop on my iPod and looking at this picture.

I spend but 15 minutes at coventry train station the other day. I hate coventry. I hate the tramp sub-human scum the shithole of coventry produces. A sign said 'welcome to coventry'. that is like saying 'welcome to your whole family now has AIDs'.

this woman on the train had a kindle. i was so impressed with it. i have never rated them and if i am reading i really enjoy the aesthetic and smell of a good book. however, this bitch had a really nice cover, and it just looked wicked for someone who commutes and is a book head. the way the screen lights up is magical too. it just looked like a normal page. i was fully won over.

standard cock drawn in the dust on the window. Its proper cheers me up when i see a whopper drew on a window somewhere.

OH WOW!!!! not only is my man wearing ugh boots, he came complete with matching little diamond earrings, his chunky knit wool scarf, floppy bobble hat and christmas jumper, and is that alone didn't scream 'absolute bell end' he picked up the body warmer too. he was a genius shade of orange. do girls like this? surely that's why moist guys dress so wet right?

it was fully a booker boys thing inna republic on saturday. A few of the old team got together for a night out. we went nandos first. I love seeing this lot. we spent the night in the RnB room, the Dj was killing it!!!!

Nursing a really heavy head i met Darryl to go to the white noise festival at firebug and the red tent. we went to watch Rosie do some songs, it was very nice indeed. we stayed on at firebug, watched some bands and got a bit pissed.

This guy had 3 carrier bags full of maryland. i cannot begin to imagine how rank he must have felt the next day.

Natalie made pasta.

she did a carbonara with some ridiculously nice bits of panchetta in. although there is a big one coming up because of some guys birthday or something it might get knocked off its perch, but i think this was my favourite meal of the month.

i made this little chap in the office. he is a prick. towards the end of the term i haven't had a lot of company in the office. so i made this guy, but he is just silent. i get nothing out of him.

i found out that another shop on the way to work sells those flapjacks. they have a wider range than the shop on jarrom street and they are only 55p as apposed to 89p. fuck it, get two. the yoghurt one was delicious by the way, thanks for asking.

got that new meal from KFC. it was delightful. the supercharged sauce is a dream and i would buy a bottle tomorrow. it was really good. also i saw dan morley, one of my old uni tutors. he asked if the sandwich was making the blog. here it is, making the blog in dedication to dan.

this is frank, our rogue reporter in the field. he found the hippy-tramps in town have finally fucked off. i'm guessing the seven trent water blokes fucked them off when they had work to do. cool protest bro. well done, you wasted your time and nobody gave a shit.

linked a couple of the BLG lads who were filming a video. i did the baddest little cameo stood in the background.

so alan hansen was extremely ignorant and in turn landed himself in a bit of bother yesterday evening on match of the day when he referred to a black player as 'coloured'. naturally, it sparked uproar, this really irritated me though.

'the overpaid football pundit'. his pay has literally nothing to do with it does it? so so many people are overpaid, i don't understand why the attention always falls with people who work in and around football, who work extremely hard from a very very young age to get to where they are.

what about people like megan fox, who also get paid ridiculous amounts for essentially working in entertainment? what has she done besides be very very good looking? she isn't a great actress i will tell you that. I'm sure she didn't act every single day since she was five years old or so, unlike top flight footballers who earn silly money also. it reeeeeeeeally annoys me.


i hope you all enjoyed reading! I've got a couple cool treats coming up over christmas so keep your eyes peeled. cheers!

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