Thursday, 8 December 2011


YOOOOOO ALL MY WICKED-LANDERS. whats happening? the wind is absolutely mental today, i can't handle it.

so Jermain Defoe apparently drew Rhianna. that's bullshit innit? *insert joke about him not being able to score on the pitch*

blake and kirsty have had their little girl, Indi-Rose. I say blake and kirsty. Blake didn't really have to do a lot of 'having'. I imagine it was more kirsty putting the hard work in. congratulations were in order none the less.

everyone was loving off the photographs.

She was so so tiny. I just wanted to hold her so much. its weird isn't it? i couldn't give a shit about babies. not a single shit. but as soon as the baby belongs to one of my mates she is mental adorable and i wanna smell her skin and make her laugh.

santa on his grind on narborough road. i don't quite know what to make of this. can you imagine being a kid driving by and blowing your fucking head over it? remember in primary school when the caretaker used to dress up as santa and you kind of had to go along with it? i remember everyone knew it wasn't really santa, and everyone knew it was just mr felstead dressed up but you went along with it anyway to make the teachers happy.

this shower bloke was in town. just chilling. steez on 100 percent smash. i love thinking about these cool old blokes. cooler than any of those 17-22 year old try hards.

this is what life is like now, by the way. dumb Belgian chocolate cookies from tescos. sooooo nice.

we were on the coach to london again. it seems like i go london in every single wicked-land post of late doesn't it? i took this picture and we were talking about how it looks like a mixtape cover.

right thuuuuuuur it issssss

this is the single best feeling you can get in life.

as we pulled onto oxford street a crowd of maybe 100 people waited to cross the road. we turned the corner in front of them and one bloke looked up to our window. i flipped him the bird, and he was transfixed as we drove by the crowd.

he watched, with a slight smile on his face as if to say 'yeah, well done. you have done me.' his girlfriend chattered on at him obliviously. the rest of the crowd had not noticed. just me and him existed in that moment. it was great.

how does anybody wear these shoes? i remember even back in the day when i used to be into a whole bunch of skateboarding brands and that these were shit back then. let alone in london! C'MON SON

i met up with valena and we mooched around a bit. she shown me this really nice art shop but I didn't buy anything because i had no money.

I had the worst tube experience ever. one of the escalators was not working, so there was a huuuuuge crowd queuing to get down it. it tooka bout 10 minutes. the whole time, at the bottom of the escalators there was a jazz musician playing a really fast, loud, aggravating, up-tempo piece.

oh god it was making me so mad. jazz is not an impartial music form that everyone enjoys. i happen to fucking hate most of it, especially in this form. after a horrible tube ride i got to (i think) oxford circus and had to take the 193 steps because the lift was too busy.

it was a saturday and half the world were christmas shopping. queue loads of people stopping on the stairs for breathers, staying close to the inside of the spiral staircase and slowing me down. people stopping and laughing with one another like it was a fucking tourist attraction. i felt to dash this one woman back down the stairs.

i met back up with max and jamie who had met jack and jess. we had a lovely mexican meal and i was calm and happy again.

the tubes were rammed all day.

myself, max and jamie went to see stephen merchant in his debut stand up comedy show.

it was at the hammersmith apollo. it was funny, but not ridiculous. i had heard nothing but good reviews and it was good, but not side splitting at any point. the laughs were not thin on the ground but in retrospect i would have just watched the DVD instead of spending so much money.

It absolutely baffles me how white men can have dreadlocks. let alone put some fucking wooden beads in it. i wanna stop this guy and just break it down for a minute. look him in the eye and say dead simply 'you have pieces of wood in your fucking hair.'

i went to see araab muzik play his MPC at the music cafe the other night. me and darryl rolled. the guys who warmed up before him played a wicked set of hip hop tempo bass music. darryl was zoning.

he was good, it was good fun, but i went to see a hip hop producer. the guy from dipset, you know, the hip hop crew. it started well and he played a hip hop tune with a massive 808 in it, but then the vast majority of the stuff he played was dubstep. only in leicester could you pay to see one of the most exciting hip hop producers and they would play a dubstep set.

here is a video of him on the night in case you are unfamiliar with what he does.

this is me, dipping a loooong mcdonalds chip from afar. nice innit.

hahahahaha!!!!!! i saw this genius guy stood outside the starbucks in town eating his white toblerone. he was holding it in such an unnatural way. it made me think that maybe he was on a blind date and that was his thing for the other person to recognise him from. like 'i'll be eating a white toblerone'

imagine him sweating getting his outfit together. at the last minute decides to go for the sunglasses. cool guy image.

this made me laugh, ive never noticed it before. its above the archway in st. martin's square. sad face :(

here is this weeks photo for the game i explained last week. i think this feature will be called 'WHEREZAT DEN!?' - i'll make a banner.

your job is to tell me where it is. it is somewhere in leicester. if you do know where it is then comment on the facebook fanpage. if you comment first and get it right you are the winner!

as ever, thank you for reading and i hope you enjoy the rest of your evening.

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