Wednesday, 16 May 2012


Soooooo its wicked-land season. do you think we are making break through with the weather? its been a little sunny here and there but nothing unreal. Imagine how depressed the nation would be if we didn't get a summer.

I met up with Dave to chill. we went nandos, i found this little bracelet made out of like telephone wire. it was so fun to fiddle with. after nandos we went to the cinema to see some shit film called silent house. its almost become a tradition that when i go cinema with dave we have to see something shit.

 fuck knows how films like this get funded, honestly, it was shocking. not even the faintest whiff of a storyline. just a meaningless series of events followed by credits. i'd be ashamed to have my name attached to such a crock of shit.

I love TJs supermarket on high street so much. it is definitely the best convince store in leicester, purely for its selection of canned drinks, confectionary and blackfriers flapjacks.

i popped round to see natalie the next day and her housemate sarah had not long got back from mexico. she brought back a load of mexican sweets, and they all in one way or another included a fucking rank ingredient. this thing had the texture of a dried peach, and was really hot, sour and tart. it had chilli in it, but was made out of like a fruit mash. it wasn't one bit enjoyable, shit like this blows my mind.

I drew a mural on natalies board of her being chased off on her bike (before she had her ears pinned back) by a shark with a diamond ring tail piercing. and to think i said recently i was not inspired to draw. HELLOOOOOOO

went to Jake Boz's house party on friday night. bare people passed through, it was good fun. loads of different people that i knew from loads of different places.

'you wouldn't get it mate, you wouldn't get it. until you have seen the struggle of these people first hand you just wouldn't understand. i was out there restoring a well in Uganda before i went on to Sydney and i saw some things that don't dawn on you until you are out there. the poverty of it, its humbling. you wouldn't get it'

jamie's wanker traveller character. 

seen these women coming back from the train station, back from a holiday away. they all had their special t-shirts on with stuff like 'saucy susie' and 'loose louise' on. shit like this is everything that is wrong with this country, i hate shit like this. brits abroad. we were joking saying they were gonna walk all the way from the train station to new parks in there wolf pack complete with there suitcases haha

so the monopoly promotion has ended at mcdonalds, and they are back to doing the great tastes of america. how fucking exciting. every week now, instead of your normal, delicious favourite meal you get the option to choose from four radically different and exciting burgers. 

oh no, wait. that would be too much fun to actually push the boat out and try and do something out of the ordinary. instead they have just gone for exactly the same fucking beef burger with bacon and cheese every week. this shit makes me so mad. by all means, sell a beef burger with cheese, but don't call it something different four weeks in a row and try to tell us its exciting. I've reached the unworldly heights of mcdonalds in poland, i know what the brand is capable of.

to make things worse this guy was just filling his pockets with napkins and straws hahaha FUCK YOUR RULES!

fuck little dickheads like this. 14 year old little wankers all wearing their best red chinos and obey snapbacks because they are so swagged out. they should be out shoplifting and forcing themselves on girls, not doing their best justin beiber impressions.

a load of us went around jimlads on sunday to watch the climax of the premier league. it was phenomenal, pretty sure it was the most exciting neutral fan day in my football watching life, the turn of events were just crazy. jimlad and vanessa made these burgers, and we had absolutely everything on them. lettuce, red onion, mayo, relish, gherkins, jalapeƱos, bacon, cheese and fried onions. shhhhh about eating food. 

some guy got this tattooed before the title was decided. i bet he is so glad things went the way they did.

lol. jimlad had this little toy, the idea is it gives your hand something to do instead of smoking. it was fun, it all twizzles and bends up.

there was a massive crash near darryls house on narborough road. a car gambled on the amber light and smashed straight into the side of a fire engine that was chipping by. they spent a couple hours cutting the person out of the car wreck and carried him away on a stretcher with a neck brace. the car was fuuuucked too.

LOL'D my ankle at football on monday night. big up swelling. honestly yesterday it was so so fat, there was no definition between my foot and my leg.

made this ridiculously nice pasta with bits of sausage in it and loads of jalapeƱos. they are like my new favourite food, honestly i cannot get enough of them. it had a bunch of other really nice stuff in too.

so i went to see kyle miller at his workplace, just round the back of the font yesterday to film a little freestyle promo video with twisted pennys for a night we are doing there. a little hip hop thing. the room we shot the video in is incredible, no end of interesting stuff everywhere. i wanna go and do a blog post, something like '30 things in this room that are good'

the video should be out soon and the night is at the font on the 26th.

thanks for reading guys, chat to you laterrrrr

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