Wednesday, 9 May 2012


YOOOOOOOOO, did you have a good bank holiday weekend? here is what has been happening this week.

I saw some lad wearing these shoes. these are criminal aren't they? when did these become ok? a quilted piece of sweatshirt, with a pointed toe and a little fake fur turnover on top. so, so bad.

seen these drinks in a shop too. 'little smashers!' hahaha I was trying to work out if it was a shit name or a good name. jamie was really into it, I think its a bit shit. it sounds so economy and povo haha. say it out loud. 'liddle smasher!!'

sooooooo i kind of pimped out this pizza. anything goes these days, there wasn't a lot that wasn't on here. it was very very nice.

this taxi driver had something pretty show. i don't drive, so I'm not all over stuff like this. you lot will probably know the levels already. basically a cigarette lighter to usb converter. anything to do with usb excites me i think.

this is really annoying isn't it? an eyesore. and finally when the blokes get around to using all of this sand and that there will be a massive mess left everywhere. this is a really good example of 'justified littering' max was on about when we were last in london.

through the window of some barbershop on narborough road i saw this; two guys, both laughing, while one of them had his top half rolled up and half taken off at the top. it was about 11 at night. it was so weird.

the street pastors were about. dedication, she was out on crutches. is that a good deed or just plain old stupid? in case you don't know these are people from the local church who potter about on fridays and saturdays making sure all the drunk people are ok. i find that so mental that this women is on crutches and is still doing that. fuck it i find it mental that people do that anyway. for a golden ticket to try and get into an imaginary place wrote about in books. good luck with that.

went to eat a banana the other day. did this. pretty strong innit? what can i say. I always like imagining a man so strong that it ruins his life. like he goes to open a car door and pulls it clean off the hinges effortlessly. answers his mobile phone and as he goes to press the button he pushes his finger clean through the phone loooool

this fucking banter boys were in varsity on sunday. its humans like this that make this country embarrassing and shit. thick, basic humans. honestly, they were like animals, all doing shots and going mental, constantly screaming all trying to draw more attention to each other than the next bloke. showing off. this guy took it upon himself to set his pubic hair on fire, it did the job for a couple of seconds then they were all distracted by something else again. fucking sub humans.

we ordered these mexican burgers. they had cheese, jalapeƱos, salsa, sour cream and guacamole on. puuuuuure nice. they were so messy. we ordered these at about 2 o'clock, and then found out that after 3pm they go to half price. so naturally we went again. they were far too nice. i felt fucked until about 10pm.

we got some dessert too. i paid £1.25 for the vanilla cheesecake. DFPMOOOOOOOO this is what i got! its hardly a nibble is it? plus it had been microwaved for a few seconds, it was lukewarm.

Max and Jamie got pure sorted out with a wicked mess of ice cream, chocolate cake, fudge brownie and treacle sponge.

this headline had me and max dying. the theatrical plaster over has nose and the bored expression complete with hand on his face. imagine that. getting battered and asking why? 'because you look like the fucking FA cup mate!'


big up top wicked-lander from day tom stokes.

me and bradley went republic on sunday. Jet C was Djing and absolutely killed it. it was a pure late one but turned out being a shower night.

Jet C ended the night with 'A Message to Rudy" by the Specials. me and bradley were switching. all the dippy fake tan girls left the dance floor and me, bradley and two other guys were going mad haha. what an amazing song.

we went to basement after. first time in a while I've left a club to see daylight. I felt dead low.

last night a few of us went and got peri peri. as we were inside they started bringing the shutter down because they were closing. i had visions of us getting involved in some peri peri lock in. £10 over the counter, all you can eat, all night until sunlight. the dream.

sadly that never happened. i did a few little drawings the other day, so ill bang them up soon. thanks a lot for reading. also, follow this link and like the Facebook fanpage for some exclusive wicked-land stuff!


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