Thursday, 24 May 2012


yooooooooo, at last the sun is fully out! but with that so are the pasty white pigeon chested tramps in town. i spoke to tom yesterday about it, and I'm the type to get my top off if the sun is out, but I'm talking on a park. not walking through town.

speaking of being in town i saw this old bloke chilling in a superman t-shirt. normal day for him.

ALSO IN TOWN! chunky chicken on grandly street has shut down. the sign on the door said rent arrears. its a shame, they always put a little red onion in the burgers and it made the world of difference. i really enjoyed eating there.

my man was shotting out his mixtape for a quick p. he was with these panpipe goons in town and they were duppying the whole rave. they did this one tune that had like a really slow salsa kind of rhythm and then at about 2 minutes in they dropped some big zumpy bassline from these deep panpipes, me and bradley were going wild.

skanked so hard i ripped my trousers sooooooo

by the way, i forgot to let you lot know; there are no rules on earth anymore. i was in royal chicken the other night and they have that many different posters saying different things and contradicting each other. they can more or less just tell you any price for anything and you can't say anything. pizzas were half price/ 3 for £9.99, buy one get one free and less per inch on a poster outside the door to the one in the bottom left of the picture.

man quickly hit it up though. £3 for 12 inches is a bargain stilllllll

the champions league final was at the weekend, and chelsea beat bayern munich against the odds to win the trophy. george (the chelsea fan) was very tense as the game went to penalties, drogba killed it and it rounded off a shit season from my point of view, seeing fernando torres truly happy lifting the trophy.

THE SUN CAME OUT ON MONDAY DIDNT IT?! look at this bloke, enjoying a can of stella on the road and wearing a t-shirt that reads 'doggystyle - the bitches love me.' big up humans.

sun and muscle gang were on this ting in town.

later i seen these guys down narborough road loading loads of massive flat screen TVs into the back of a van. i tried to get a better photo but they were pure watching me haha

i took recommendation on a new melt at croques. it was a piri piri chicken thing, with chilli jam and mozzarella. although it was delicious because it always standardly is, it was weird. wether it is because I'm so used to my normal cajun chicken with sour cream and jalapeƱos order but it just didn't do it for me. i think the chilli jam over powered everything else, and because of that it was a little bland.

i think i talk about jalapeƱos in every post now.

it was roasting yesterday. I'm talking hot hot hot hot. this guy made his choice for the day with his coat. and then when he was in the city centre, just sat there, he didn't think to take it off and chill for a bit, no no no, the coat stays on.

'hiya mate, can we just have a quick word please? yeah sorry mate, obviously you know what its going to be about. you are just too ginger. you know, we don't want an issue, you don't want an issue, but you have to think there is a lot of people in the city centre today, obviously the sun is out and frankly they don't need to see it.'

'so if you could just put a hat on please and make your way out of the city centre because their have been reports of people violently vomiting on sight and nobody deserves to vomit when the weather is like this. alright? thanks mate, cheers.'

i hope this weather stay forever and lifts every bodies mood and everyone gets a tan and girls continue to wear less. thanks for reading, you are the best humans.

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