Wednesday, 30 May 2012


 Ok its been a peak week but the sun is still out so we wicked-land as ever. here is the scoop.

I feel so bad for muslim women. like i fully get that the whole burka thing is part of who they are, and it is all they have ever known, and it is their culture, but we all know how hot it was been this week. poor bastards. the mandem get a nice deal thought, wearing that really light, thin, white table cloth thing.

a nice thought from bradley this week on the twitter.

this upset me. unlike the muslim women she doesn't have to wear these. leather trousers. in this weather. i think as well this was the hottest day in this little spell and she is doing this to herself. oh my god.

i went in to pound land to buy some sweets and saw these wispa golds. four for a pound. since, i have ate 16 of these. the best, literally.

big up susie with the surprise twister lolly in the office. lovely touch. by chance i got surprised with ice lollies in the office 3 days in a row sooooooo

i really liked this little poster regarding what headwear is acceptable in the prison visiting room. wonderful little weird inconsistent selection of illustrations, clip art and photographs.

look at this cool bastard. I'm starting to notice a lot more wicked-landing guys came out with the introduction of sun. casually wearing a straw hat, full suit, bad boy gucci goggles and pinky ring swigging on a diet coke. BADBWOY

have you seen this? gone are the days of headlines stories being kerri katonas fluctuating weight, or how one of the loose women got her new bikini beach bod. now all these magazines want to talk about is rape. rape rape rape. all four of the cover stories have something to do with rape.

obviously it's bede island season, big up everyone passing through. this year it seems like there are far more leicester locals down there rather than student cunts. do you think that is fair? do you agree? we were playing with this american football, it was so fun. darryl found his calling in life, as he can absolutely launch it.

it's called hitching a ride bro, you might want to try and hear of it sometime...

this asian man made me laugh earlier, like he had done something clumsy or stupid. he was just stood on his own like this for ages. just him and the world with only the person on the other end of the phone in existence. 

'are you wearing yours?' 
'yeah man, of course. are you?' 
'yeah man! see you there!'

the pink polo brigade were at it again too.

so that's just a short wicked-land really, thats what we do around here. ill be doing some drawings soon, so ill post up some stuff. until then don't accidentally die, because then i won't get as many hits. thank you for reading.


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