Tuesday, 1 May 2012


Oh my god, I've had an absolute monstrosity. I wrote out this whole post yesterday, accidentally refreshed the browser and it had not autosaved, so i lost it. got back about it, re-wrote it making sure i saved through out. when i went back to post it, for some reason it had saved the version with nothing on so i lost it again. there have been times before when i have had to write posts twice, but this is my first ever third time.

I had a great lunch last monday. i missed the everton 4 - 4 man utd game on sunday, and the seat i got at slug and lettuce was under two tv's, one with the usually sky sports news on and one with the extended highlights of the game from the day before on! winner!

don't you think this is a brilliant photo? jamie took it, it is of george (a very tense chelsea fan) watching the champions league semi against barca the other day. i really, really like it.

look at how dark the sky was?! i swear down the world is gonna end soon. somehow we managed to have a day of sunshine yesterday and then it has been back to the usual shit today.

this is the sort of cool wicked-land stuff i get sent over twitter. Pete is a big wicked-lander i know only through the internet haha

i know Sasi in real life though. although i had not seen Sasi in a while. we met up for lunch the other day and spoke about everything. he is finishing college very soon. it was so cool to chill with him for a bit.

friday evening i hit up nandos with Miles, Dhruv and Sandy. some dickhead guy tried to seat us at a table and said that we couldn't go in the booth, but we held it down and took a booth. the food, as ever was delicious but we were left with a bitter taste in our mouths.

The Ballard of the Princess of Nandos

In nandos we were in the presence of an angel. this beautiful young woman caught our attention queuing up. honestly, i cannot put into words how beautiful she was. a porcelain skinned english rose with auburn hair, red lipstick and thick rimmed glasses. she was an absolute treat. she floated over to grab drinks, sauces and cutlery after paying and we started to wonder who she was with. as she left the counter we kept an eye on her as she walked round, behind our booth and to a table.

she sat down. she sat down with a gentleman. i use the word 'gentleman' in the absolute loosest possible sense of the word. the guy she was sat with looked like an inbetweener crossed with a spare member of coldplay in fancy dress as a grandad. it was preposterous just how short she was selling herself, we were all in shock. surely this couldn't be right? surely this drip wasn't her man? were they together? was he her gay friend? her little brother? we needed answers. Enter Alex stage left.

Alex was our waitress, she served our food to the table and we briefed her. her mission was to just keep an eye on the two strangers as she came back and fourth from the kitchen, reporting back to us on body language to fill in our gaps. Alex accepted the mission and popped off. she triumphantly returned not but 5 minutes later. 'they are together, they are holding hands and playing footsie.' they were neither crossing roads with kids or listening to newham generals.

Four hearts around that booth sank. poor girl. maybe she didn't realise her potential, or just how stunningly beautiful she actually was. maybe they were secondary school sweethearts and she just doesn't know any better. maybe he baby trapped her years ago and banked it. not only was it sad to see the equivalent of Barcelona eating nandos with Rotherham Utd, it was sad that she was with the kind of drip that sends his woman up to pay for the nandos, get drinks, sauces and cutlery.

on the verge of suicide i took a trip up to 'garage' to hang with some of the BLG lads. they have this big brick shed at the top of one of their friends gardens where they all hang out. we had a few drinks and sat around freestyling.

like a dickhead i left my flash on and didn't really manage to get a good photo of this. a young couple were walking down narborough road and as the girl happily chatted away the young lad fully had his headphones on and didn't respond once haha

this is the newest business to inhibit the cursed plot on narborough road near winchester avenue. ill give it all of 2 months before it is shut down with newspaper in the window again. what a genius name though none the less.

glasses are amazing aren't they? the way they transform a character. when i put these on i was pure laughing, imagining some pure american muscle pumping guy called domanix vaughn. he speaks of himself in the third person and thinks he is some sort of real life super hero. 'domanix vaughn is here to put an end to this hashtag culture.'

oh wow. something domanix vaughn might be happy with, but i certainly wasn't. this girl was wearing a denim stars and stripes onsie. is that life now?

the sky was amazing sunday evening. it had been pissing it down all day long, and between a slight break in the rain and the bright setting sun it looked like something out of a movie. at the top of the road it was pure misty with a load of beautiful muted tones in it, pure picturesque.

yesterdays breakfast was shower don season. i went asda the other day so i got a load of stuff i well don't need. breakfast was buttered flapjack bites dunked up vanilla yoghurt. omaaaaahdaaaaais

well thats all. I've backed up a version of the HTML code for this post so its not going anywhere. i might just post it three times as a big 'fuck you' to the blogosphere. thanks a lot for reading, I'm really glad you lot do. i love it when i meet someone and they mention something that has been on my blog. cool, cool guys. if you have read this, type 'kodak' on the Facebook post.


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