Tuesday, 18 September 2012


Yoooooooo, so like i said in yesterdays post I went to a festival over the weekend, Boom Bap UK hip hop festival in peterborough. It was the first ever one, and it was a real good laugh. I paid for my £30 early bird ticket literally months ago, so the money is long gone and forgotten about, it was practically free.

I made a load of food to take with me because I'm greedy and i hate getting rinsed at festivals. especially when it is just shit burgers and chips and stuff.

Like a total twat I ran through all my stuff and checked it off and got to town before i realised i forgot my tent! frank to the rescue! he was cycling in to town so he came and dropped it off for me. what a top top guy.

after a car journey up there we parked and unpacked our stuff.

the friday night was good fun. it was headlined by jam baxter and dirty dike. we all got a little twizzled and really enjoyed it. we saw Stig of the Dump too, and his crowd control was so good.

people were being annoying at the campsite. doing stuff for attention. these two random lads came and stood in the middle of our little communal area and were hyping because one of them had hidden the others shoe. how hilarious.

Obviously it was a UK hip hop thing, so for the weekend i was surrounded by stoner tramps, pure weed heads. it was pissing me off, the amount of times I got asked for a rizla, honestly. If i smoked I would always have all the equipment I need at my disposal. it pisses me off when people smoke and they don't have rizla, a lighter or a filter. don't just buy a pouch of tobacco and wing it.

as well as the 5 of us who travelled up in Amir's car we met with a load of other lads we knew. This was the full team.

The four owls killed it. I had heard one or two bits, and stuff from them all individually, but they really performed well and had such a fun stage presence. they were really interesting to watch.

dreams really did come true on saturday night when Teeps met Jam Baxter. I was watching him talk to him and it was like the first time I met skepta haha

there was a huge graffiti wall too. I thought this FORGE throw up was so so heavy, i love this kind of style.

The other lads who we were camping with left relatively early sunday morning. us lot chilled for a bit, then dipped in the afternoon. It was good fun, and for how cheap it was I think I'll deffo be going if it is on next year.

OH YAR! and we also had time to film this little video for the you tubes. hope you enjoy it! cheers

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sick, love your style of writing.