Friday, 21 September 2012



been a hot minute since i did a little edition, but here are some nice things I've been looking at recently.

check out this cool mock film poster for 'O brother, where art thou?' if you have not seen this film you should go and watch it.

I love when girls do this shit with their eye make up, i wish i was a pup in the 60's.

I come across these cool illustrations for the x games. I don't know who they are by, but the simplicity in the line work and the form and weight of the characters is absolutely fantastic. my kind of stuff.

I don't even know why i like this picture. It's so stupid and pointless but I really really like it. Balance is a cool thing isn't it.

These kind of posters are the shit I love. very clever. Ive got some cool books about this kind of shit.

Again, Im not sure who, Im sorry, i just came across it on a website. the colours are wonderful though, no?

Finally check this out, unbelievable talent.

That's all from me! Natalie is having a party this weekend so I'll get some good pictures from that to post up!

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