Monday, 24 September 2012


WHATS UP BLOG WORLD?! I've had a really exciting weekend, and a really busy week last week, and i even found some time to see some mentals and get some photos for you. if you are ready to go into it, step through the theoretical door that i am currently holding open for you and enter WUCKID LUND.

I copped the new nacho stacker burger from KFC earlier on last week. I think KFC are like mcdonalds, but a little smarter about it, the way all these 'new' burgers that they release are exactly the same. this honestly could have been any other KFC burger. the nachos that were supposed to be inside the burger were unnoticeable. It was nice though, but no nicer than your average KFC.

These dumb guys tried to add one of the little tables on to the end of a booth at peri peri there by blocking off half of the restaurant (that word seems a bit carried, but what else would you call it? i suppose it is a restaurant.) how fucking dumb. after i took this picture, they realised how stupid they looked and moved it back.

LOOOOOOOLLLLLLL this was in that dead out hat shop near the indoor market. imagine the sort of dickhead you might see wearing this. I bet if you went to some place in america where rap music is a huge culture and people idolise people like drake you would see some amazing knock off 'YOLO' clothes.

they always have amazingly shit stuff there.

that new mad head guy is really going for it in leicester. setting pace, bird man is having to fall back and just relax a little bit now.

big up old women just wearing plastic bonnets because they are practical. i really liked this.

A polish fast food place has opened up in one of the plots on narborough road. its one of the cursed ones that whatever seems to pop up there never does well and ends up shut down. I kind of want to see what they serve, although when we went to poland I really didn't like the local dishes.

I was thinking the other day about how I grew up around a lot of Indian people, polish children will make up a huge percentage of the kids in schools in that area. It's interesting how things like that happen isn't it?

Jamie came back for the weekend. I met him at the HQ, Peri Peri.


On Saturday, bare people were doing promo work for some new clubs opening in town. They were in swarms, literally everywhere. There was a little bit of beef between rival groups of promo staff. Max said that one day, he hopes he too can be a promo girl.

We popped into the apple shop and they had some iPhone 5's out with the MacBooks and iPads. me and Jamie were fucking around with them, and went onto the camera roll of one, and this guy had took bare photos of himself, pure posy ones, pulling faces and that. how bizarre and funny.

Very shower selection of snacks from TJs supermarket. Its high time lindor did a chocolate bar don't you think? they have an absolutely delicious product but market it in a way that it is only really acceptable to eat two days a year; christmas and easter. Both ironically religious festivals. Im sure thats what jesus would have wanted anyway.

Again, resting my case that old asian men are the best humans around. what a skeng lord. bandana and sun glasses combo just screaming 'don't chat to man ever'

saw a complete stranger wearing a top that said 'Leng" on it. i got gassed, stopped her and asked her for a photo of her t-shirt and said the word 'Leng' is a slang word me and my friends over use. I took the picture, felt weird because i had effectively stopped a girl in the street and took a photo of her boobs then bottled it and walked off without asking her what the significance of the word 'leng' was to her. Ive got a feeling its one of those things I'm going to regret for a while. I hope i'll see her again.

Saturday night, Natalies house party. Mills came from newcastle, Jetski from london. people travel from all over the country to come to the dance.

Ghst Wrld from twitter actually turned up. she was like a celebrity guest. all night I seen people clocking her and pointing, saying 'YOU'RE GHOST WORLD!' myth central.

Gwop and Jetski locked horns, pure like a dog coming back to a new dog in his old spot

but then they realised its a friendship dance, they are both just here to do their PA and get paid, they are professional artists at the end of the day.

the party got locked off. It was all good fun, and I had a blinding night.

The next day we went to the pub to watch the football. Liverpool got stunk out by some dickhead referee decisions. Arsenal held Man City to a draw. I had another one of those lovely mexican burgers.

That night me, frank, bradley and gwop rolled to the O2, Wiley was booked to kick off the DMU freshers festival.


Rumours were going around that Skepta was rolling with Wiley and sure enough he turned up. Wiley did a sick entrance over the eskimo beat, we all started switching. Skepta came out, they did a couple of things like a new skepta song, their verses from Duppy and then went back to back over circles with all the gas man grime bars. it was too much. probably my two favourite musicians performing together and me and some of my best friends walked in for free. I was so so happy.

After the shubbz we drove round to franks restaurant and had a little lock in. Steak and pepper sandwiches and a side of roast potatoes all round. what a great weekend I had.

Max had a funny little umbrella which didn't really stop him getting wet. His shoulders were soaked still lol

So you heard the news that Sandy and Darryl are moving in together? exciting times. I bumped into them both earlier when they were on moving duty and made it official with a press release photo for the fans. I think this is the beginning of something very exciting.

Thanks for reading, if you see me in the street and quote '98564327' I'll give you a special edition Wicked-Land keyring. Thanks a lot for reading, see you soon cool wicked-land guys!

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