Monday, 17 September 2012


OK! WE ARE WUUUUUURKED LUNDING! sorry for the wait people, I've been away over the weekend. here are the events of last week, starting aaaaaall the way back on last friday!

that fantasy fair thing is back around DMU. incase you don't know, its an excuse for gamers to dress up as characters from different games and embarrass themselves. they all seem to go for like fantasy stuff.

This is a subculture i really don't get. Like enjoy games. enjoy them until your eyes bleed. don't be a grown fucking man and dress up as a guy from final fantasy and stand in bede park taking photos with your mates of you all dressed up. its fucking mental, its not even geeky, its just illogical and dumb. I can't stress how much these losers piss me off. People must be thinking 'just leave them be' and i would, but they make such a show of themselves and love the attention of it. all posted up in public trying to act random and crazy! Die slow.

we went to Byron's sister's (Liv's) 18th birthday party on Saturday night. It was a really nice party. there was this massive table will a huge selection of sweets and little scoops and bags so you could make yourself a little pick and mix. Me and Rose WENT IT

Outside there were those huge sumo suits, and a massive mat for you to fight on. had to quickly duppy Natalie quickly, very quickly.

I met some of the girls who i met at summer sundae a couple years ago, randomly. since then we chat a little on twitter and they have always kept an eye on wicked-land. It was so random bumping into them, i was like wooooyyoooooooooyyyyyyy!!!! Salute Fran, Kiara and Lizzie.

Seen a little bad boy whip on narbs the next day, a weird war time ice cream van or some shit.

This is upsetting. Subway, coming soon to braunstone gate. That's the same braunstone gate that is about a 5 minute walk from the other subway on narborough road. I can't stress how much this shit pisses me off, the way we just have subways all over the place. Braunstone gate is absolutely screaming out for a McDonalds, especially now they have got the tesco! Let's make it happen. Instead they give us this 6 inch shithole.

I hate when you see two people dressed exactly the same. Imagine being the one who dressed that way first, and then your friend just completely licks off your style. It makes it even worse if you're both dressing like absolute cunts.

I don't know what to say. That's a bike helmet. just casually, in the day. Also, he was wearing a t-shirt that said 'reppin lesta' just incase we wondered where santa resided during his off season.

Is this photo the pictorial embodiment of loneliness?

Ed's Easy Diner has finally opened in the highcross. Luckily Jodie was on hand to cut the ribbon and declare it officially open.

I went with Darryl. It was honestly so below par. It was the first day it opened, and the only excuse I can give is that they were unprepared, but it was really really shit. 

my chilli beef burger did absolutely nothing for me, it was a sloppy excuse that wouldn't even pass as a school dinner. The chips were plain and stodgy oven chips, the whole thing just did nothing. they didn't even have root beer. They had been open but 3 hours, and had already ran out of root beer. it was shit, and i doubt I will be going back.

Someone has took up a plot in the highcross selling 'legal number plate surrounds'; they are patterned cases that sit around your number plate. I know for a fact that these plots cost an awful lot. Like to lease a little stall in the highcross means you will have to secure A LOT of sales to break even. what the fuck were these guys thinking selling this shit? Firstly, not everybody drives, so their target audience is small to start with, and I'm pretty sure not many people would want a really tasteless, colourful plastic rim around their number plate. It just baffled me, how fucking shit are these things. I bet they lost a lot of money through this bad decision.

cooked some nice shower chicken the other day, it was pure spicy and larvely. I've really got back into cooking this last week or so!

I went to the gym with frank on a late night mission and then we got in and ate steaks. It was so fucking manly. lifting weights, riding home and just standing up in the kitchen and eating red meat. fucking man shit, everybody shut up.

Its a sad day for narborough road, Video Box has changed it's name to 'Trade it'. Video box is like one of the most long standing things on narborough road, it just looks wrong now it's not that washed out yellow colour. I would still like to state what a poorly run shit hole Video Box was, i'm not supporting it in any way haha.

Boom, DASWICKEDLANDDEN. hope you enjoyed your read! I was at a festival over the week, I'll post up some stuff from that tomorrow. Thanks for visiting Wicked-Land!

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