Tuesday, 9 October 2012


Here are some things I collated from various blogs and websites I look at from time to time that I enjoyed. Design, Illustration and Photography for you.

I LOVE these illustrations, and i don't know who they are by. A lot of blogs that post this kind of thing always just post up with out mentioning a source or whatever, I think these are phenomenal and would love to know who they are by. 

The weight and form of the characters are fantastic. I love these kind of 70's colour schemes too.

A nice painting I come across.

I thought is was cool haha

water colour stains are probably my favourite thing to look at except for fire and bewbs.

there is a load of this sort of style creeping back into design at the minute isn't there? like screen printed kind of images with bold shapes and block colours. very nice, Im a big fan.

The typography and the colours are very nice here also.

Id love a go with this pen looool how nice.

I love the way this is photographed so the van is straight and the houses are on a slant, it's really hard to look at and try to think that its been cropped that way.

Those are the things I like to look at, I hope you enjoyed them too! WXCKXD LXND!!!!!

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