Friday, 26 October 2012



another week of life has whizzed by. Times mad isn't it? Like every time I do this kind of post I'm aware of the fact that it's been a full week since the last time I did one and how fast it goes. Somehow it was 5 and half years since I started writing this shit. mad.

Max constantly takes photos of his cats. Cats are like tattoos these days in a sense that people only have them to go around telling other people they have them. Max's cats always screw me, they have developed weird characteristics from all knocking about together constantly.

went and fucked around with Kama, Beefcake and Gwop on sunday. we tried on some weird little kids pirate hat things. because I'm stood under a light, doesn't it look like in photoshopped into this picture? bizarre isn't it? haha I'm not into it.

People with iPads rarely just have an iPad do they? They usually have to shove it in your face, be it on the train, or in Slug and Lettuce on a monday over lunch. Im sure this little woman doesn't need to watch whatever it is she was watching. I think this is more about just showing everyone around her that she has an iPad.

How can my man just walk his dog through the highcross like that is just normal life? does anything matter anymore? The Highcross security didn't even stop him, so is it just open season now? I might start cycling in there, or just organise a game of football with my mates seen as it is a park now. fuck it.

Hold light topman dad though. what would the world be without these late 30's early 40's blokes who dress like 19 year old EMA boys? Fucking normal and dignified.

we had a staff night out at work to meet all the new staff who we took on over freshers. Turns out only about 3 of them turned up, so it was just all the old lot. These are my Rockstar Promotions Wicked-land guuuuurls hahaha

Ros was pure pissed and borrowed this guys glasses, it made me laugh. something about girls wearing those kind of gangster glasses really cracks me up.

Please god if ever i have a daughter let her be weaned onto heroine and sold in a european sex trafficking ring before she sits on the floor outside of the clock tower mcdonalds. This is a low isn't it? Look at the lads hands behind his back in a disapproving manner loool

I got home monday night more or less at the same time as frank got in from the restaurant. He brought me one of those steak, pepper and cheese sandwiches and some roast potatoes to go with it. we sat on my bed eating and face timed Max. good innit? People are eating maryland to get their pissed up food fix and I'm out here eating steak sandwiches cooked by a fucking professional chef? fuck off world.

why the fuck would you kneel down on a wet floor when you have no need to? are you proposing to my man sat in the work van? Is this real life before my eyes? he better have a bad back because that is the only way i can justify what he is doing. even then, just stand up straight away from the van and chat to him. it doesn't make sense.

I was on my way to meet Sam for lunch. we bossed up Nandos and spoke about Danny Dyer, Mike Tyson, Will Miles and robbing nandos sauces. It was a really sick lunch, by the way; they give you two loyalty stamps on your card on a wednesday instead of one now, its a new thing they are doing, So go!

I went to manchester yesterday to go see Jeremy Kyle be filmed. Manchester has some absolutely lovely architecture, I would really love to go to the city for a proper day out and a look around. of what I seen of it it looked stunning.

This made me laugh. a huge board as soon as you walk in of his big egocentric face.

In life, some people will wear crap shit.

We were sat literally front row and the filming they did was for a few different episodes so I think we will be all over the TV. During the intervals he made a huge example and joke out of me asking me about my sex life and stuff like that. It was really funny and embarrassing. If someone asks me 'what is your claim to fame?' I can say "Ive been on stage at the Jeremy Kyle show and quizzed about my sex life.'

After we got back Bradley, Tom and myself went to Sosho to check out the new thursday night there, Famous. It was fun, the company I work for is putting the night on so we got a nice VIP booth to ourselves. It was pretty chilling just sat in this booth facing the club, especially after the day of travelling we had had.

Everyone was out wearing their best shoes out to the posh new club.

Thats all from my sarcastic, self righteous, over opinionated blog for today. see you all very soon and enjoy your weekend! 

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