Wednesday, 3 October 2012


Hey all you wicked-landing guys, how has your week been? fantastic. Here is a compendium of all the different things i have seen over the course of the last week and deemed big enough news to share with the internet.

Tesco had got a bunch of new pasta pots. between 2007-2011 i used to eat so so many of these, either through working at the cash and carry or going to uni, which were both around the corner from a tesco. this is big news, ill get stuck in to some next week.

My mum had got these for our dog, I thought they looked really, really delicious. I wonder what is in these that makes then not so nice for a human to eat? I like to imagine they are just digestive biscuits covered in a milky flavoured yoghurt. that would be really nice.

We walked back from rockafellas the other night. We saw the Maryland light was still on and rejoiced. we were so so happy. what kind of horrible, sick joke is that; to have the light on, but have the shutter down and be closed? what a gutter!

I swear this guy is going IN for the weirdest in Leicester title. I would love to have funding, permission and the bollocks to film an interview between my man and birdman, just back and fourth. Each asking each other questions and answering each others questions. Imagine that.

Is that good then? An onion just on the floor of sports direct? I don't thinks so.

Imagine if your life was just a parody account of yourself? when did silly little bikes like this become a thing in the real world?

Two tramps begging for money by making some music. One of them is playing the violin, on its day, one of the most beautiful sounding instrumentals man has ever crafted. The other one in the rainbow get up is playing the recorder. The recorder is the doggiest sounding thing ever, cheap little plastic piece of shit created to annoy primary school teachers.

I imagine the one with the recorder was like 
"what're you up to today?" 
Violin: "Im going begging and that, with my dog..."
R: "I'll just come and bring my recorder, we can play music together!"
V: "Nah, don't worry about it, It's ok, ill just go on my own"
R: "Oh no, it's fine. I've got fuck all else to do because I'm wearing one of those ridiculous rainbow woolly hoodies, so I'm obviously a crap 14 year old greebo or I've made bad decisions in my life!"

Popped in to see Sandy and he had a bag of yoghurt covered banana pieces. They were not to Bradley's taste, but I though that they were quite nice. they were dried banana, like the pieces you get in Alpen and stuff like that.

Me and Brad went on the DMU freshers bar crawl with Sarah and Sam Dent. This guy was in Fat Cats bar, wearing a bar crawl t-shirt and sat there, on his own, covering his ears so he couldn't hear the music and all the loud noise. The piece of paper in front of him was a note he had written that said 'Students + Drinking = Cringe' and 'cringe' was underlined bare times hahaha why not just go home? Imagine he bought the bar crawl T-shirt, knew now he had made a mistake and doesn't want to swallow his pride and fuck it off. He would rather just see it through and not enjoy himself.


This guy was wearing one of last years T-shirts, but had cut out the design where it said what year it was. fantastic technique, I had to give it to him, he had done it.

We ended up in Liquid, it was packed.

I ate at this place last week a couple of times. old news, but i still really enjoyed it. Its that chinese place near the market where you pay for a card box and they fill it with whatever you ask for from the menu. I had chicken fried rice with salt and pepper chicken, chicken curry and chips. very shower, a new favourite.

Skengman mode, SEND MAN HOME. Like I said before, old asian men are the biggest shower guys in this dance.

Look at this shower whip. Im not a cars guy but it would be wicked to have this. imagine how much fun it would be driving round in it and just bumping some music. what a lovely looking car.

Skeng lord dominos pizza ting at Sandy and Darryls new flat. Me and Brad went round there to chill on saturday night, I love those dominoes vouchers. I got a half and half pizza, large on double decadence base with extra toppings and it was only £9. DAS TRAPPIN

this little cool guy was just sat on one of those rocks at the quay just doing his own thing. no rules, not paying attention to what he was meant to be doing. doing his own style of living. everybody piss off.

Boxed off a quick bottle of Pink Lemonade Lucozade. I really enjoyed it, and I'm not a massive Lucozade guy. If they put this in a can it would be a real problem.

I worked at the Leicester Uni freshers' fair Monday and Yesterday this week. This guy was about 6 foot 8/9 and was wearing the biggest, blackest coat you've ever seen in your life and some mormon hat.

In this picture I like to imagine he sensed me taking the photo of him and is looking at me out of the corner of his glasses and saying 'don't ever chat to man again'...loooool

This Chinese girl was tweeting from her iPad, and it was all wrote out in chinese symbols. That's something I've never considered before, there is a whole world of twitter in different alphabets that we as people who use the Roman alphabet are not privy to, it goes on, and never even comes into play with us.

Natalie duped the dinner rave last night. Its been a while since she has cooked me something. She did this steak in like a white wine and vinaigrette sauce, Pan fried chips, Italian style and a little pasta and green beans to go with it. The recipes were from Nigellas new show.

It was fucking sick, like I said the other day, I'm really getting into steak, and this was just insane. the Chips were unbelievable and the steak was so so juicy. I could eat steak forever, I think at the minute it is my favourite food.

Thanks a lot for reading guys, I'll be posting up some stuff very soon. Cheers!

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