Friday, 19 October 2012


wassup wicked-land guys? Its hardly rained in ages and this makes me so so happy. I can deal with the shorter days and the cold creeping in, but what I cannot deal with is rain, and we have been blessed with it being very dry recently.

JJB shut down then. This is news to me, I didn't even know that their parent company had fucked up real bad but apparently it did. Sports direct have fucking done it then haven't they? now their sub par outlets have monopoly and we cannot do anything about it.

We went out for Jimlads birthday last thursday night. We went to the Pyramid Lounge for the Mike Tyson appearance thing. He didn't show up, so we moved on to chilli whites and got a bit too pissed. this photo was at like 4 in the morning before maryland and a trip to the casino. It was a wicked night.

OI BIRDMAN CANT SAY ANYTHING. NOTHING AT ALL. WE HAVE A NEW CHAMPION IN LEICESTER. he was wearing a fucking durag, biker leathers and high tops. everybody just pack up your belonging and head for mountains please. life isn't real now.

We went out on friday to Shabnag at the O2, it was a really good night. Bitches were walking around without shoes on by about 11pm. It's not that is it? like whats the fucking point in dressing up if you are gonna get to the club and wind down? get comfortable? bun these dumb bitches man, it doesn't even bare thinking about.

Brad came out and left pretty soon after arriving due to illness (he is still not well now, please send your well wishes) but aside from him, this was the team. Sam Simpson loooool some yellow guy now.

Dan and Gwop are gonna have a fight for charity and all the proceeds will go towards paying for medicine to get Bradders back to full health. Ill let you know the date.

Teeps came to record something. I think he is the only person I know who would just roll round to record some music dressed in a full suit. Enjoy it.

Imagine being this guy. Remember me laying into this hat the other week? I can't imagine being him and buying it and just being like 'yeah, ill just wear that.' fucking mental. Is he living every day as if its his last? 'You only live once' he applying this motto wherever possible like a personal mantra to live his every move by? At the point in time when he decided to wear this clothing accessory with an acronym for 'You Only Live Once' emblazoned across it he was stood with 5 other asian males chatting on Humberstone Road. Sunday afternoon. AH WELL YOLO  -_-

NOW this girl was just wearing a coat, but on backwards and open, so her backpack was poking out. she looked so dumb. thing is, if i saw a black guy do this, I think it would seem so ridiculous it would be cool. she looked a twat though.

Old Wazro made a little drum kit out of stuff on our table in the Slug and Lettuce. If it's not DOBSTOP its GRIME BUTLINS, if its not GRIME BUTLINS its MAKING DREWM KITS OUT OF STUFF YEAH

Im starting to have enough of this kind of shit. A new form of begging for attention that people are going for is dressing up like a complete twat but under the guise that it is for a higher meaning. There has been a real boom in like charity workers and stuff doing mental things under the guise of raising money for charity. I don't have a clue what this woman was about, but standing in town wearing a garment made of ripped rags, some dumb hat covered in badges and having her face painted like an unfinished baseball fury is surely tailor made to fucking ruin my day. I wanted to ask her why. if its not this shit its those fucking famicom wankers down and around DMU. please can everybody just chill for a bit.

I thought I would finish today with some shower dons. Sikh's are probably my favourite people in society at the minute. this two guys looked so cool just chilling, watching the world go by. I love the way they will wear a full suit (usually beige or cream) with a pair of £12.99 white tennis trainers from Fame Fashions or whatever, so skenged out. either way, these guys are bosses.


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