Tuesday, 1 January 2013


Happy New Year! its that time for the WL annual review, lets look back on what happened in the world of wicked-land in 2012!

I went to Krakow, Poland with the gentlemen, and Natalie bought a car!

Rockafellas started doing Tuesday night Religion, I went bowling for my birthday, found out about how Max used to skip school to bowl every single day and boxed up pancake day properly zoop zoop zoop

me and Jamie did this cinnamon challenge (its fucking horrible), the queen popped in, as did draw something and I experienced some mental stuff in London.

read here about the most surreal McDonalds visit i've ever had: http://www.wicked-land.blogspot.co.uk/2012/03/mistakes-and-piss-takes-from-mcdonalds.html

more photos of the 'Bow Road House of Nightmares and Dreams': http://www.wicked-land.blogspot.co.uk/2012/04/bow-road-house-of-nightmares-and-dreams.html

my house got rolled on by Nat, Mills and Sarah dressed as burglars, made a burger with bacon, red onions, lettuce, relish, mayo, gherkins, a dairylea cheese slice and cucumber on it, saw Rick Ross live at the O2 with Brad, and visited the famous garage for the first time!

Brad announced the release of Bitches and Vodka Vol.1, Boz had that really good house party, the premier league had its finest, most exciting day ever and I really, really hurt my ankle!

We shubbzed at the Riverside Festival, went for a lovely little bit of dinner for Darryls birthday, Enjoyed the European championship, had 1 of my top 3 favourite meals of the year and said goodbye to Millsy as we sent her back up north! boooooooo

(Special mention to Tom and Analot, a couple from Holland we met in Poland for this photo for the Dutch girls enjoying the Euros. Analot is on the right!)

I Revisited Booker with my tag team partner Dave, the rain continued to pour non stop, we had the Gwopaz birthday medtwang special and I released my CD 'Nicely Waved', and we had a big launch party

Here is the streaming version of my mixtape. enjoy it!

Carnival saw literally the worst rain I've ever witnessed in this country in my life, I saw Klashnekoff have a breakdown and a new Leicester mental popped up, some whiskey drinking Somalian guy who rants. 

I went to Portugal with Dan, Eds Diner for the first and last time with Darryl, (the first ever) Boombap hip hop festival with a load of the BLG affiliates, Nat had that house party where Ghst Wrld showed up and the O2 had that show where Wiley and Skepta shown up. (I think that was my favourite weekend of the whole year!)

Had the second of my 3 favourite meals this year, Remixed Mcdonalds, enjoyed 'working' the Leicester Uni Freshers, and went to see Jeremy Kyle again!

I made and ate that ridiculous sandwich, Get Lesta had their 'What's Cookin' video premier, I had the third of three unreal meals and saw Ben Howard shutdown the O2. 

Sophbeck put on the best night they ever had, Teeps had a house party, I cooked Christmas dinner for the lads and my mum cooked Christmas dinner for me!

So just in case you were in a coma, those are the things you missed in the world of wicked-land 2012, nicely rounded up into a compilation post!

I want to thank all readers, new and old for your support through out the year, It's great to have so many people who care about what I've got to write and blog. I've really noticed a loyal wicked-land fanship this year and I'm honestly still flattered that anybody would bother to read what I write, so seriously, thank you all, wicked-landers. Also, its been a good year for interaction with readers on twitter, and posting over there gives a real sense of immediacy to the blog and a lot of people who I don't know and have never met are tweeting me about posts, so that has been great fun.

I was pissed out of my little white british male brain last week having a bit of a moment and a think about 2012. for me, the whole year has been about realising the worth of old friends, and savouring those friendships and equally making new friends. I've met enough new, amazing people in 2012 to last me a life time, so I dedicate these words to all the people I know more about now than I did this time last year. maybe I didn't even know you were alive! anyway YOODABESS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!

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