Tuesday, 15 January 2013


Yeah so in life this weekend I went with Dan to go and stay with Jamie in London. He moved down there a couple of months ago for work, so we rolled through quickly.

Some woman was wearing some YOLO outfit on the train. Her headline piece was a pair of bright green velvet trousers. I never understand people like that. like wear what you want, it doesn't fucking matter really, does it? but i understand why punks wear studs and demin with shit wrote all over it. I understand why hip hop guys wear baggy clothes. I don't get why people dress like this.

We hit up this Turkish restaurant near where Jamie lives on friday night with Rich. This road was absolutely full of these same kind of places, all packed out. I can't explain how delicious the food was. seriously, all like grilled meats and massive veg. All peppers, tomatoes, aubergines and onions. Loads of rice, massive soft bread and tzatziki. It was gorgeous. One really similar to this has opened up down Narborough road and I cannot wait to get in there.

A 'map of misery'; The Sun published the hotspots of super-peado Savilles greatest hits.

One road near where Jamie lived was run down beyond words. really funny, crap places. Its like a version of narborough road from the late 80's in a zombie apocalypse movie.

Ive never, ever seen a camera in any toilets before, under the understanding it is illegal, but what't the point in privacy and law anyway?

Conway, Jamie's flatmate bought a HD projector, and we were using it to blast a WRC game on. It was such good fun, the picture was so so clear. I was wondering if this could be the future, like say next time you go to spend a pape on a new big TV, would it be worth just picking one of these up instead?

We went to a dogshit pub in dalston at the start of our night out on saturday. the only reason we were there was to do karaoke... and it turned out not to be on that night. this old boy was watching match of the day, and the landlady brought him in a fried chicken burger haha. the whole mood of the place made me laugh.

We walked past this off-license and I was amazed at their collection of booze. how fucking cool is that?  something for everyone.

Some unlucky lady had left behind her shoes, much to the delight of Jamie.

There was a really nice hand style in the toilets of the Dalston Social. we spent most of our night here in two different spells, winning arguments with ridiculous hipster girls and getting really into this game of pool these two girls were having.

how fucking good is that?

Some night at some bar was called 'YOLO' and they serve free 'purple drank' before 11pm haha

The blonde boys of London.

We spent most of our night outside and travelling between different bars, as there were massive queues everywhere. we kept getting cans from the off license and taking night bus journeys and winding people up. one thing I like about the size of London and the public transport systems is how quickly you can jump in and out of people lives and do as you wish. some really funny things happened on the night buses

CAR BOOT(Y) AND YOU KNOW YOU ARE, CAR BOOT(Y) AND YOU KNOW YOU ARE! look at my pisshead mates haha

Sam copped a little bottle of magnum, this 'erotic stimulant' drink and was just drinking it chilling outside scooping honeys.

We saw those two dippy flat arsed girls from Rockafellas. so mental. we went all that way and bumped into like 3 different parties of people we knew from Leicester. Big up hair extensions though because they look absolutely lovely.

On one of our night bus adventures Jamie woke up some girl who was asleep and then she was sick everywhere, including on Jamies shoes. In this same journey I bought the contents of a burger box from a hippy guy for a pound. a gamble. as i slowly opened it the whole back half of the bus went 'ooooooooooooh' like a football crowd at a goal kick. it was a veggie burger. me and jamie shared it. it was nicer than i thought it would be.

just spend 30 seconds of your life looking at all the funny little things here. what a brilliantly shit chalk board.

He looks comfortable doesn't he? snowed under with cushions like a little cushion avalanche. Me and dan pelted him with them and he just took it, getting more and more comfortable each time.

One urinal in the toilets in Mcdonalds was full of ice. you know what you piss into snow and its the most fun, satisfying thing you can imagine? this was equally as good. I had that orange hangover piss too, it looked like a fucking work of art tumbling throughout the icy maze.

I accidentally picked up the wrong frijj, i meant to get the banoffee one again. this is the next one in the series, honeycomb, which sounds great, but sadly it tasted like cold, thick coffee. not the best ever.

We finish with Ben Stiller wicked-landing, as found by Darryl Reid, this weeks winner.

Thanks for reading guys, hopefully recording a new podcast tonight so clean your eyes out and listen for it. paps dot com

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