Tuesday, 22 January 2013


Gimme a 'W'! Gimme a 'I'! When i committed to that I thought it would be a lot quicker but you get the idea. anyway, I've got a new post ready for you guys, I hope you like pictures of nice food, snow sculptures and Max's cat Lenny, because I've got all of those things in fucking spades. In we go.

I liked this sign in the Jessops window. dead simple and straight to the point. Do you think this has died because nobody needs prints exposing these days, and even if they do, places like Asda have undercut Jessops?

I had that delicious burger again in Jones' on queens road. grilled cajun chicken, bacon, cheese, tomato, lettuce, garlic butter and guacamole served with chilli and parmesan home made chips. literally the most delicious thing.

I went to see the new Tarantino film 'Django Unchained' on friday. It was only showing in the directors lounge at showcase, so I booked the tickets. They do a pretty good deal now, (I've not been in ages) you buy your tickets at a premium (£27.40 for the pair) and you are greeted with a bowl of fries, a complimentary drink and a little box of chocolates. pretty good isn't it? kind of like you get what you pay for now. The film was blinding by the way, I strongly recommend it.

The snow was trying a ting. me and max had to regulate a couple of kids with snow balls when we were out on road let them know the levels.

I went round to Darryls on sunday night to work on our grime EP. we recorded a demo of the 2nd song.

Saw this at tescos. I couldn't quiet work out what it was. maybe it had just been sat there for a while and started to separate? either way it looked horrible.


Sandy ordered a quadruple cheese burger by recommendation of a boss who was showing off a little bit. I personally am not a fan of the doubles, I think they are too sloppy and stodgy, this must have been insane. Sandy didn't think much of it.

This was weird how the snow had fully set down one side of the lamppost. one side was completely bare.

Check out this cool snow sculpture round the corner from my flat. Frank told me about it when I got in from work yesterday and took me round the corner to show it to me. how fucking cool? from the writing on the wall to the muscle definition, Its massive too, stand about 4 foot tall.

I made a really nice dinner last night. I know it looks a little bit plain here, but the mash was really creamy and had loads of nice cajun spices in, and the steak was cooked in lemon juice and seasoned with chilli. it was really spicy and delicious.

I went round to see Max last night and he was building a little snow cat. I don't even know what is the point of being alive anymore.

He was bullying Lenny and showing off again.

Then he got some squeeze mayonnaise and put a little pip of it on Lennys paw. It stayed there for a minute before Lenny pottered off, fully wiping it on one of Max's tops hahaha. poetic justice?

Thanks for having a read, Ive got a few more little Ian Hislop drawings to post up, I'll get them on tomorrow. cheers wicked-landers!

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