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whats going on? I've got a relatively short post for you today, and its mental that I've got so little to show you considering this post starts on NYE. I got an Xbox last week and I seriously think its denting my productivity, we could have a regular size post punctuated with photos of me playing games, but nobody wants to see that.

I spent my NYE at my aunties house. She had a big house party and a load of family were there. Ive got a lot of cousins my own age, so I was chilling with them all night getting wavy wavy wavy. I was pretty happy with these. Ive been sat looking at the picture for about 3 minutes trying to come up with a pun along the lines of 'beer goggles' but its just not happening.

Me and my cousin Tom were pretty happy with the fact that the lid from a casserole dish looked like one of those traditional chinese hats you see depicted in old kung fu films. It was a two man job though.

I played a 7 year old at noughts and crosses for a bit, I was so drunk he beat me. I couldn't believe it. Then he drew a picture of me, I was pretty happy with it, its really good isn't it? I, not being thick here, that is actually pretty good for a 7 year old kid right? Absolutely ridiculous proportions but nobody is perfect.

I kept looking at this bloke wearing that jumper and thinking he is either really gay, and really proud of being gay and has a lot of pride or he has made a big mistake in his life at some point. You see a lot of drop outs wearing those kind of jumpers, don't you? a lot of mentals.

Outside superfly there was an empty bottle of champagne and a blue ice pole. it really made me laugh, complete opposite ends of the scale of consumption. kind of the dream though. real men would have rested the partly melted blue ice pole in the neck of the bottle and used it like an E numbers straw with a twist, but whatever.

These two girls were wearing the same outfit more or less. can you imagine doing this just 2 man up? its bad enough when you and another mate in your group are wearing the same thing, but a lot more planning goes in to a night out for girls. I'm sure at some point these two would have had their mandatory 'what are you wearing?' convo, and decided to dress in uniform. big up them. 

Bradders sent me this. Mine and Bradleys whatsapp chat would make a pretty nice Wicked-Land post, he always sends me funny stuff and has something to say on it. This was shortly after we discussed how over populated Leicester, and especially the Highcross is. what has it come to when full blown families are sat on the floor and stood round in the Highcross eating Mcdonalds? Its not an airport. You're not there overnight making do for one day. Just don't behave like this in public, is that too much to ask?

Tom is that bloke from the Outkast videos who holds that umbrella all the time. (after a quick bit of googling I've found out that guy is effectively just a beg, but hold tight him still.) Max really made me laugh with a couple of his tweets regarding his little umbrella last night. we were walking into town and naturally giving him a bit of stick about it because its so feminine and small. he tweeted saying 'Everyone's jealous of my gentleman's umbrella' and then went on to say 'They don't understand. its from John Lewis' hahahaha it really tickled me.

Finally we end on a young chap i saw in town today. Hold tight super mario though cos its a big look right now still. loooooooool dreams can come true. I also spotted Pete the bike mental (recently starring in his own feature length post) earlier sporting a nice new black and green puma zip up straight out of the early 90's. he rode past me too quick to get a picture. not so wicked-landing :(

Thats all for you lot for now! I'll post up something before the weekend. Im going to London to visit Jamie so I'll get some funny stuff while I'm down there. Cheers for reading, see you again soon!

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